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What Can You Do With Your "RSS Super Feeds"?

  • Add Posts to Any Social Sites

    In just a few clicks, add feeds from celebrity and controversial figures to create viral and engaging content on all your social sites

  • Make Viral Feeds

    Combine top gossip sites into a RSS Super Viral Feed that will attract viewers like a super magnet

  • Market it on FeedBurner

    Add it to FeedBurner and send traffic to your celebrity feed with your embedded money hooks.

  • Fill up a Website in Minutes!

    In literally minutes, you can populate an empty WordPress site with niche specific posts and news articles.

  • Set it and Forget it

    RSSMasher works work all the time and updates with each new post in your feed.

  • Be Part of the In Crowd

    Blend your own feeds into some of the most popular RSS Feeds on the internet today

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Quickly give your social accounts a viral boost with posts that people actually want to read and share

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Here is what others are saying about RSSMasher

Eddy Caspers

Thanks Damon! I like to add to any new potential customers that your tutorials are really good, they are short, snappy and your training section actually keeps track of where you so it becomes easy to continue. Glad to have it, highly recommended !

Eddy Caspers
Christine F. Abela

The more I look at this tool, the more excited I am getting about the possibilities it presents. Did you know you can use an RSS feed to create a newsletter that goes out to your subscribers on Mailchimp or aWeber?..... Mind blown yet?

Christine F. Abela
Kim Smith

Very cool guys! Anybody doing local will surely want to get this especially at the discount your giving. Thanks Damon

Kim Smith
Paul Simpson

Just used some of the new features for the first time! The ability to add images and spin the text in the hooks is quite brilliant. The results are amazing. You can quite simply hijack anybody's feed this way with your own links and content. This has turned RSSMasher from a good tool to a quite exceptional tool. I have a feeling RSSMasher is going to become indispensable. Thanks Damon for creating it and for continuing to develop it!

Paul Simpson
Kenneth Doyle

Hey Damon... Thank you for this plugin (you are such a generous man) and these 4 excellent RSSmasher trainings you just added.

Kenneth Doyle

Instantly Build a Viral Site

In literally minutes you can populate a WordPress site with some of the most popular viral social content online today. This is a great way to add content quickly and easily with just a few mouse clicks. Capture a trending topic feed and create an entire site on that topic.

Add Your Own "Money Hooks"

This is what makes RSSMasher so powerful. Embed your own money links into the celebrity RSS feeds and create instant authority. You can use images, spintax and text formatting. Perfectly blending into the top and bottom of each feed post

Make Your Social Accounts Popular

This is one of the easiest ways to engage your social networks. If you have Syndwire and want to get more like, follows, and shares, then use your RSS Super Feeds with viral content to populate your minion's social networks

Drip Feed your IFTTT Networks

Here is how some of our clients are using RSS Super Feeds to get engagement on their IFTTT networks. They are using celebrity feeds and sports blogs to drip feed viral content into their own IFTTT networks. This is one of best content curation shortcuts.

Automate social account postings in BrowSEO, Syndwire, IFTTT, and Onlywire

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Here's What You Get Today With RSSMasher

  • 1

    RSSMasher Software

    Easy to use online software, so all you need is a username and password to be up and running in just a few minutes. No installation required, updated automatically, and runs on both PC and Macs.
    (Valued at $297)

  • 2

    Video Training Course

    Video training course with a special "Walk Through" series, which will give you complete step-by-step tutorial. Also strategies and tips on where to get the BEST RSS feeds. Plus we show you how to monetize your own RSS feeds.

  • 3

    Case Studies and Demos

    Watch as we demonstrate how to build the RSS "Super Feeds" with viral content and your own money hooks. We are constantly adding new case studies and demos as we add new features to the software.

  • 4

    Private Facebook Group

    We have a very active private Facebook group, where you'll have fun and learn everything you wanted to know about RSS Feeds. This is the key to gaining knowledge and sharing tips and tricks that you can do with RSS Feeds. Plus, we are always adding RSS quick tips and where to find the latest trending Feeds.

  • 5

    Free Upgrades and Support

    We use RSSMasher to feed our own social accounts and are constantly coming up with new features to enhance the software. Plus, we listen to our customers and are continually improving and tweaking the software to get you more clicks, likes, shares, and follows (all on autopilot).

A Complete Step-By-Step Course!

Cheatsheets And Regular Updates!

Awesome Customer Support Team!

Angela Langlotz

Thank heaven. I've been looking for one of these ever since Yahoo pipes went away.

Angela Langlotz, Trademark Doctor
Scott Rogers

OK peeps, let's get EYEBALLs on this great stuff. Damon really delivers on RSSMasher.

Scott Rogers, Personalized Wine Boxes

Make WordPress sites in minutes with high ranking "niche specific" post that Google will want to rank.

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RSSMasher 2.0 - Pro Annual License

RSSMasher 2.0 - Pro Annual License
Jonathan Lawrence

SO EXCiTiNG, DAMON! RSS is all the difference, but RSSMASHER is truly WAY undervalued...
*such a powerful tool* & I've only barely gotten it out of the box after all this time. just collecting DUST. it's not right.. people still aren't getting it i think. I'm only just now starting to gain a workflow... but this is just staggering.

Jonathan Lawrence

Here's Why You Should Give It A Try

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get RSSMasher now and take 30 Days to go through everything. If you don't think you've gotten 10x the value of your investment, contact us through your JVZoo receipt page and ask for your money back.

Plus These 3 Awesome Bonuses When You Act Right Now

Welcome to RSSMasher. If you have social accounts, blogs, and WordPress sites, this is possibly the easiest way to automatically deliver daily posts and content to those sites.

We originally developed this software over a year ago for our own social marketing company, and since then we have been constantly adding cool new features. We've only recently released it to our VidPenguin members and they loved it.

Now it's your turn to get your hands on this exclusive RSS super feed maker and posting software.

We believe you will absolutely be amazed at the results you get. So come join us and we'll see you on the inside.

Damon Nelson Damon Nelson

Complete video training course on how to create and monetize your RSS Feeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) Are there any upsells that I need to make this software work? +

We are internet marketers too! and hate to buy the FE offer only to find out I need 3 more upsells just to make it work on a commercial level.

There are upsells beyond this page, they're additional training courses for people that want to take RSS feeds to the next level along with exclusive VidMinions training courses.

However, you don't need to buy anything else beyond this page to use this software immediately, that is why I have given you a choice above on the version levels.

Get the version you want that matches your needs now. If later on, you want to upgrade we give you that option, however it might be a higher rate after the launch is over.

The important thing is that you start now getting celebrity content and expert advice posted daily to your social accounts to give yourself the social media marketing advantage that we have seen over that last year.

Good luck and see you on the inside
Damon Nelson

Q2) Does this work on my Mac or iPad? +

This is a cloud based software. Nothing to download or install. Simply login and start mashing RSS feeds together. We have tested it on a lot of devices and it works. Most of our users find the screen refreshes faster and runs smoother on a desktop or laptop device. However, I do use an iPad2 to create some of my feeds.

Q3) What do you mean by active feeds? +

You can create unlimited number of feeds for all the versions. However, we put cap limits on the number of "active" feeds that are running at any one time. There is a toggle in the dashboard that you can turn on and off a feed. We are able to offer the different versions at the pricing levels because a Basic User is not going to be tasking our servers as much at 10 feeds as some of our Marketing Agencies that are currently running 1,000+ active feeds.

However, all versions get the same dashboard and masher tools to create these RSS feeds.

Q4) If later I want to upgrade, how much will it be? +

We don't know the after launch pricing at this point because we need to see how many people are using it and what additional servers that we may need to add to supply the demand. Our intent is to make it very affordable for our friends, the Internet Marketers like ourselves.

We do have some large marketing agencies that will be added during this launch special and those are the clients that will determine how much the "Ultimate" version will finally be priced at. We are offering such a great deal on the Ultimate version right now, that we may need to add several more Amazon servers just to handle the feed processing.

Q5) Do you support your products down the road? +

Great question because lately there seems to be a few "churn and burn" marketers... However, there are still a lot of great product creators out there in the IM niche and I hope that we are considered one of the best. We are very active on Facebook and at our help desk supporting our customers. We use this software in our own business and hope that you will too!

Q6) How is the training? Do you leave us trying to figure it out after the sell? +

Another great question... We have lots of training videos, both on the strategy of using RSS feeds and How To use the software itself with screen capture videos and a few whiteboard chalk talks.

We also have a very active and knowledgeable Facebook group to help you as well. And we're always adding content to the training portal of tips and tricks that we have found that work well with RSS feeds.

And finally, if you still don't get it or have a very specific question, I may hop on a Skype call with and record it for others to learn from.

We really want you to use the software, like the training, and recommend us to others. Select your version above and let's get started. See you on the inside.

Damon Nelson

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