Want to Start autoblogging like
the Professionals?

Well now you can! RSSMasher Technology is finally open to the public at a price anyone can afford

Get Fresh Content and Trending news autoposted to your blog
Add money hooks and your own anchor texts to any news feed
Schedule posts and social media backlinks, then Set It and Forget It

Here's a Summary of the Benefits of this Product

Now you can create almost any kind of marketing pages for your business in WordPress.

Fresh Content

Get the most popular news feeds and niche sites to automatically deliver a constant stream of fresh articles to your website and social platforms

Set It and Forget It

Research, Build and Schedule. Choose the RSS Feeds, build the rules to extract what you want, and schedule the articles to post. Once setup, you let the system do the hard work.

Money Hook Technology

Do you have your own products? Maybe you are an affiliate and require traffic to a money site. Build powerful and spin-able advertorial that can be automatically injected into the articles.

Anchor Text Linking

Words in your articles can easily be made into hyperlinks. Enter the words and the destination url (spintax enabled) and the system will search for them and if found, will automatically turn them into hyperlinks.

Ultimate Backlink Builder

Add multiple Social media accounts so the system can auto post to them with a link to your latest post. This creates tier1 backlinks for you. These tier1 links can also be sent to Link Processor in order to create tier2 backlinks. 

Turbo Post Scheduler

Choose a time frame, number of posts per day and how long to wait between each post. Choose how fresh you want the content. The Power Scheduler is your best employee that works 24/7 for you and requires no salary.

Automated AI

Add your Article Forge account via the API integration. Get AI content automatically generated and posted to your sites, and social media. You can even add images and videos automatically to the blog post with this exclusive AI automation app.

Helpful Content Builder

RSSMasher now features a Helpful Content Builder so you can add your own FAQ's, Stats, Links, and How To's at the bottom of every post. You can even spin the content to get unique results on every page. Google will LOVE your site when visitors get the information they are searching.

Listicle Builder

RSSMasher now features a Listicle Builder so you can add your own lists and product review guides. Spinning and list randomization saves you time by repurposing each list into unique variations every time it's posted. Even better, add the listicles to the bottom of your other automated content!

Built-In RSS Niches

Don't know where to find your first feed? We have you covered. 48 pre built Niches with almost 300 rss feeds for you to choose from.

Youtube Feed Importer

Enter in the channel name and the system will convert that to an rss feed. Whenever that channel has new content, you can be sure that the video will be included and ready to use.

Custom HTML Tokens

Build your own pieces of re-usable code as custom tokens. Easily add tokens RSS Feeds with the click of a mouse. Changes automatically update wherever the token resides.

Featured Image Swaps

Auto insert or swap images from any article with images of your choice. Image Packs are available or you can use searchable platforms such as Google Image Search and Pixabay.

Advanced Code Extraction

A magical and clever addition - The ability to search in real time for content, based on rules you decide, that will remove or replace sections from articles with text of your choice. Manipulate the content and make it your own.

Google Sheets to RSS Feed

When you find content, but it doesn't have an RSS Feed. Let the system build you a Google Sheet template and you fill in the rows with content. When new rows appear in the sheet, RSSMasher Technology will auto include it as though it got it from a feed. 

Powerful Keyword Filtering

Don't assume you have to take every article that is setup in an RSS Feed. Enter positive and negative keywords for the system to work against, allowing you to perfectly niche down on any RSS Feed used.

Zapier Webhooks

Want to send your extracted articles to somewhere that we may not have thought of? Fear not, with the Zapier and Integromat webhooks, you are only limited by your imagination. 

Spintext Compatible

Lots of sections in RSSMasher is Spintax enabled. Build multiple choices within sections and the system will create unique versions. Integrate Spin Re-Writer to also spin article content to assist in mixing up your content.

Local Page Builder Now Available

Combine your links with expert authority posts in an easy to use page builder

Imagine a page builder that enables you to easily create expert citations, every single time.

Now it's possible! Our new tool combines local pages with authoritative posts and RSS feeds for maximum impact. 

And if that wasn't enough, why not add some extra oomph by selecting viral YouTube videos? 

Finish off your masterpiece with vibrant images or helpful listicles – the possibilities are endless!

Perfect for Citation Link Pages with RSS Feeds that are schema backed and designed for Google Site embeds! 

Want to learn more about this strategy and other page ranking techniques? Check out Daryl Osborne's EntityElevation.com

Stop Writing Your Own Blog posts

If you want to thrive in content marketing AVOID posting your own original content AND do all this automatically every day of the year - Then this maybe the best system you've ever seen.  

In less than an hour from now after setting up your mashes, you could be receiving a steady stream of popular News Feeds articles.

Or better yet... Integrate your own Article Forge and start automatically posting perfectly written AI generated articles with images and YT videos.

And then the fun starts as you start seeing new traffic almost immediately.

Stop writing your own content with RSSMasher Technology

Our Community Loves Our System
Because It is So Simple to Use...

RSSMasher has the broadest spectrum of function for any IM tool ever created. It is the best autoblogging tool ever created, with incredible flexibility and power. It allows you power social media networks with evergreen content. It is a backlink machine. It turns dusty domains into passive income.

I’ve built RSS tools, plugins and trainings. What Wayne and Damon have constructed is a superior species. And best of all, they stand behind it— RSSMasher has continued to gain function and importantly, usability. From local SEO to lead gen, brand building to affiliate sales, this is the tool of 2020.

Guerin Green


RSSMasher Technology is a fantastic time saver. I now have quality Content and Videos feeding my websites & Social Media on auto pilot, I only wish I knew about this tool sooner. 

Damon and Wayne are both a great resource's in this industry and thier software, knowledge and tools are Top Notch (A+). 

RSS Masher is constantly being updated, so you can have confidence that your investment is going to last. Support is responsive and always delivers a solution. RSS Masher is definitely in my toolbelt of SEO tools for ranking for my customers.

Michael Paul

Fuseology Creative

RSSMasher Technology by Wayne Atkinson and Damon Nelson is a platform I have been waiting (and wishing and hoping) for. It is loaded with seriously powerful tools - many that are not available in any form elsewhere – all dressed in a simple to use interface. 

RSSMasher Tech’s real power is the built-in ‘set-and-forget’ automation that makes it possible for a single operator (me!) to build and maintain large News sites and special interest niche sites that rival those built by teams of curators. RSSMasher Tech makes owning long term web assets doable for anyone. Oh yeah – the Support is handled by Wayne and Damon themselves.

paul sullivan

Paul Sullivan


Let's forget about the product for a minute. 

There will a be a ton of people on this page telling you just how awesome the product is and thats because it is. 

The problem we have is vendors who don't stand by their awesome products and support you the buyer into the future.  

You can purchase from Damon Nelson knowing full well he supports his products, he supports his users and he is one of the few guys in this industry you can completely trust and believe in.

You're not just buying an amazing product on this page, you're also joining an amazing community run by one of the most honest upstanding men in the industry.

Both Damon and Wayne get a HUGE FIVE STARS from me. 

Mike Martin


look at what some of the Experts 
in SEO and Lead Generation are saying about RSSMasher Technology

Tim Parker

Bradley Benner
Semantic Mastery

Now you have the instant ability to add fresh content and trending articles to your WordPress site in minutes, with the #1 Autoblogging Software


Total RSS Feeds mashed in the last 90 days on autopilot


Blog posts and social media scheduled and delivered


Scheduled posting capacity for our most recent server acquisition

Build your AutoBlog to capture the attention of visitors scrolling down Social NewsFeeds...

In addition to getting the premier auto-blogging platform, we also teach in 6 week training series some of best ways to use your NEW content marketing, super power. Here are just a few things that you'll learn inside the training...

A brand NEW way you can eliminate your need to create original content on a regular basis for your blog (WITHOUT write a single article!) 
How to turn the tables on one so-called content marketing "expert" we both know (the one just out to steal your time and money) – and launch an online news site form scratch INSTEAD!
How to quickly find the best RSS Feeds and content that people actually want to read
Why Fresh and Frequent posting only works if you implement this simple little tool
How to integrate two of the most powerful marketing automation tools into the software to 10X your results
What never to do if you want to quickly test keyword search traffic with new blog ideas delivered daily to your website (it's NOT what you think!)
Precisely why our approach ensures you'll convert a raging river of trending NEWS articles into a steady stream of highly searchable blog posts on your website 
How to build an ad rotator service for your sites and your clients, using our custom tokens and money hooks
Want to know our secret to keyword links? We have an easy way to quickly add hundreds of keyword anchor text links to any RSS Feed
Learn some simple backlinking strategies that work like magic

G2 Reviews

We Are Continuously Adding NEW Features
Just Look What's Been Added in 2022 

Want to see the Software in Action?

Wayne demonstrates the features of RSSMasher Technology and how you can turn RSS Feeds from some of the most popular news sites into your own autoblogging empire.

Quickly Get Started with Autoblogging
and Learn the Secrets of Pro Bloggers 

Act now you'll get these 5 bonus training courses
to jump start your Auto-Blog Empire (valued at $2,797)

#1: Perfect Buyer Blueprint

This is an 8-week training course that will teach you how to build the Perfect Buyer website and sales funnel in ANY Niche. 

 After completing the training and building your own Perfect Buyer Traffic Magnets, not only will you have a 24/7 ATM, you'll also own an asset that can be used to make money in at least 5 different ways.  

perfect buyer blueprint
RSS Pro Mastermind training

#2: RSS Pro Mastermind Training

Ramp Up your RSS knowledge and crush it with the power of RSSMasher Technology

4 weeks of Mastermind training on RSS Feeds 
RSS Strategy Maps each week
RSS Hook training for maximum conversions
Social posting tips using popular RSS Feeds

#3: Facebook Takeoff Strategies

Learn the latest marketing strategies that actually work to get customers off Facebook and into your lead funnels. Plus, we teach you how to make the right funnel systems to get new customers and build your business. 

This is not a long course. Instead, we focus on giving you specific strategies that work and can be scaled to any level.

#4: RSS Pro Mastermind Training

This course is designed for Online Marketers that want a quick and easy way to create professional ads with free and low cost tools. 

Quickly find the BEST viral ads to swipe 
Learn to create clickbait with image ads
Create simple video ads to increase the CTR
How to make professional logos in minutes

#5: Pro Tips on Buying and Selling Domain Names

In this mini-course, you'll find 5 lessons on Finding and Buying Domain Names. Here's what you'll learn...

What makes domain names valuable
Where to find highly profitable names
Tools that save 100's of hours in research
How to profit flipping domain names
The 3 best places to sell domain names
This course is designed for Online Marketers that want an easy way to quickly create professional and high converting ad creatives

Our Pricing Plans

Monthly Pricing
Annual Pricing
  • Autopost to 5 WP Sites
    (or Masher Sites)
  • 20 Active RSS Mashes
  • 20 Active Local Pages
  • 5 Social Accounts
  • ✔️ Money Hooks
  • ✔️ Image Swaps
  • ✔️ External Content
  • ✔️ Gsheets to RSS
  • ❌ Template Scraping
  • Autopost to 5 WP Sites
    (or Masher Sites)
  • 20 Active RSS Mashes
  • 20 Active Local Pages
  • 5 Social Accounts
  • ✔️ Money Hooks
  • ✔️ Image Swaps
  • ✔️ External Content
  • ✔️ Gsheets to RSS
  • ❌ Template Scraping
  • Autopost to 20 WP Sites
    (or Masher Sites)
  • 50 Active RSS Mashes
  • 50 Active Local Pages
  • 30 Social Accounts
  • ✔️ Money Hooks
  • ✔️ Image Swaps
  • ✔️ External Content
  • ✔️ Gsheets to RSS
  • ❌ Template Scraping
  • Autopost to 20 WP Sites
    (or Masher Sites)
  • 50 Active RSS Mashes
  • 50 Active Local Pages
  • 30 Social Accounts
  • ✔️ Money Hooks
  • ✔️ Image Swaps
  • ✔️ External Content
  • ✔️ Gsheets to RSS
  • ❌ Template Scraping
  • Autopost to 100 WP Sites
  • 250 Active RSS Mashes
  • 250 Active Local Pages
  • 100+ Social Accounts
  • ✔️ Money Hooks
  • ✔️ Image Swaps
  • ✔️ External Content
  • ✔️ Gsheets to RSS
  • ✔️ Template Scraping
Best Deal
  • Autopost to 100 WP Sites
  • 250 Active RSS Mashes
  • 250 Active Local Pages
  • 100+ Social Accounts
  • ✔️ Money Hooks
  • ✔️ Image Swaps
  • ✔️ External Content
  • ✔️ Gsheets to RSS
  • ✔️ Template Scraping

Our No Questions asked 14-Day
Money Back Guarantee

RSSMasher Technology comes with a no-questions, no-quibbles, no-problems money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you find that our software and training courses isn't perfect for you, just send us an email to cancel your subscription within 14 days of your purchase, and we'll immediately refund your initial subscription payment

Here's what others are saying about RSSMasher Technology

RSSMasher is one of the most powerful tools I have for building online assets and niche relevant backlinks. If you are willing to invest your time the rewards for you and your clients are enormous.

Adrian Willis


No other software comes close to RSS Masher Tech. Damon and Wayne have surpassed all others in features and results in this software. They are an amazing tag team for having you succeed in your business with tools that they build and USE THEMSELVES. 

Scott Rogers


RSS Masher Technology is the premiere solution to autoblogging.  It provides numerous tools for using RSS feeds to fill your blogs with current, timely, newsworthy information--all on autopilot.  As long ae there are appropriate RSS feeds that meet your criteria, your news site will continue to grow.  Highly recommended!

Larry Bush

Professional Video Marketer

I'll be able to monetize websites with Adsense, banner ads, and cpa offers with the Money Hooks and anchor texts.

Jerry V.

Comfort, TX

Side by Side Comparison
of the top AutoBlogging Tools

We benchmarked the competition and concluded that if we wanted to be the leader in this niche, then we needed to build a better product than what was already out there. And that is exactly what we did!
Check out the different plans we offer and choose the one that best fits your budget and autoblogging needs.

program comparison

Hi Everyone, this is Dominick over at LocalBusinessRankers.com. On behalf of my partner and myself, We would like to encourage you all to check out RSSMasher Technology, which was developed and supported by two incredible guys, Damon Nelson and Wayne Atkinson. 

As website developers ourselves, we have found that not only is the software one of the best we’ve ever used, they have great customer support to go with it.

If you are a full-time online marketer, excellent customer support is a rarity to find these days.

Not only did they create an incredible autoblogging platform, but they also have a “Done For You” Autoblog website build service. Where you can get your very own auto blog built by “who better than the people who built their RSS Technology specifically for auto blogging and monetization.” 

I will say, “You get what You Pay for,” and they delivered way more than I expected as a customer. 

They have a lot of features that’ make RSS Syndication a sexy Situation. If you are serious about posting current trending articles, as well as richly engaging content, then RSS Masher is an excellent choice. 

It is like having an RSS Leatherman Knife in your online marketing toolbox. This is truly one of those "Set it and Forget it" apps that you will come to love everytime you visit your website or social posts. 

Who is RSS Masher Technology for?

RSS Masher Technology is for serious bloggers or content creators of all kinds that want a simple, powerful set and forget solution, with the bells and whistles in an all-in-one system. 

I’m glad we got in before most of you guys come on board because what these guys are doing is fun and disruptive in content marketing and autoblogging niches. 

That’s all I can say, but if you ask me to give you 3 Reasons why.

I highly recommend their services and products. I’ll give you two because my 3rd answer will be the same.

#1 Awesome Customer Support
#2 Awesome Customer Support
#3 (you guessed it…) Awesome Customer Support

It’s That Simple!

Thanks, Guys...

Dominick Howard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSSMasher Technology?

It's an online software that curates and saves RSSFeeds. Then mashes them with your own content, links, images, and money hooks. Then it posts to your sites and social accounts on a schedule that you choose.

How is it different from WordPress plugins that do RSS autoposting?

RSSMasher Technology is not a WordPress plugin. Nothing to download or install on your site. Our software posts directly to your site and social platforms once added into the integrations. 

What can you do with RSSMasher Technology?

It is designed to automatically curate and  post popular RSS feeds to your websites and social accounts. With the objective to engage, entertain, and educate your site visitors and social followers.

How do I log into the software?

We send you 2 emails after purchase. One is for the software login and the other for the training and bonus courses. Please allow 10 to 15 minutes for both emails to arrive. If you have an account, click the Login button in the footer of this page.

Can I create an RSS feed from a Google Sheet?

Yes, RSSMasher Technology is the only tool designed to convert a Google Sheet into an RSS Feed. Where you can easily add images, links, content filtering, and your own money hooks.

You can also use Zapier to feed Google Sheets with content saved to Feedly boards and Pocket.

Likewise, we have an external content add-on that allows you to add single posts into a mash.

Can I use this software if I don't have my own WordPress site?

Yes, you can add your client WordPress sites, or else add your own free WordPress.com sites. Likewise, you can use it to create content rich, customized RSS Feeds for RSS Marketing directly to social sites.

We also have pro autoblogging sites that you don't need wordpress or hosting or plugins. They are called Masher Sites. check out MasherSites.com

If I cancel the account, do my Local pages go away?

We do have a cost associated with serving these pages and updating them on a regular basis. When you cancel your account, our software automatically deactivates the mashes and schedules. Your account is saved for 90 days in a deactivated status. If you decide to join us again within that 90 day period, your mashes and schedules are re-activated and made available in your account.

Is this meant to be added to my money site or to buffer sites?

This software was built to autoblog RSS Feeds. Some use it to supplement a website with blog content, some use it to feed the socials with a consistent stream of good content posts, while some others use it as a standalone blog to monetize through on pages ads and textual backlinks. Your call on how to use it. 

Twitter (via Zapier webhook - effective July 1, 2023)

Twitter API is no longer free. It is a paid account at $100/month. So we have disabled the Twitter API function calls in the Scheduler. We have a more effective and cheaper alternative than paying $100/mo for each Twitter API account you want to use. 

The solution is using the Webhook feature in the Scheduler. You will need a paid Zapier plan to access your Twitter zaps. However, this is definitely worth it because you can send to ALL your Twitter accounts simultaneously and over 5000+ other applications.

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