You may have noticed lately all the News Sites that are appearing in the searches and on social feeds. Some are a complete waste of time, while others are quite successful.


How can you profit from this, you may ask? The possibilities to benefit from a website are endless, and you just need to choose the right site for your needs. You will have to fight against the online competition for this one, but it can be done.

We are going to walk you through what your options are for making money off your site if you are not yet making a lot of money from your website.

1) Online Auction – This is a perfect way to make some extra income coming from your site.  Various sites on the internet will show you how to make money selling different items. However, you may want to sell some things on your own first to get experience.

2) Banner advertising – These are text ads that show up on your site.  The more advertisers that place their advertising materials on your website, the higher possibility that you will earn more money. Depending on what you are selling or doing on your site, banner advertising might work well for you.

3) Google AdSense– By writing an article or some type of content that is related to your site, you can use Google AdSense to put small ads on your website.  Every time that an advertiser’s ad is clicked, you make money.  Everything from the publishing of the content to the design and layout of your site is not as necessary as the amount of money you make off of any of these ads.

4) Affiliate programs – Gone are the days to promote products and services over the internet.  You may have a website, but if nobody knows about it and nobody is inclined to visit it, then you are going to have a difficult time getting web traffic.  If you are going to drive traffic to your site through affiliates, set up accounts at affiliate networks like LinkShare, Commission Junction, and ClickBank, and see if they are one of the affiliate programs you want on your site.

5) Sell Ad Space – This is sort of like banner advertising, but the ad sizes will be substantial.  If you have a website that already has a lot of advertisers on it, you can offer to sell some space to the one that is willing to pay for it.  You will make a fair amount of money from this, and you may end up going to the advertisers directly to at least get the process of deciding at least whether they are going to place their ad on your site moving forward.