Best Extensions For Chrome

If you are tired of the same old web pages, try installing the best extensions for Chrome. These useful applications are developed by developers using HTML scripts, CSS, or JavaScript. These useful extensions can improve productivity, make browsing more secure, or save you money. In addition to personal usage, some extensions are useful for business purposes, as well. Readability, an extension for Chrome, helps you store web pages you'd like to read later. It strips away distracting elements like ads and provides a clean, easy-to-use interface to read articles and other content.

Win the Day is a great extension that converts Chrome into a goal-setting tool. It allows users to define goals, set deadlines, and create daily sub-goals to meet them. It also keeps track of the days until a goal is completed, so you don't have to keep checking your browser for missed updates. This extension is compatible with all platforms, so it works with any device. It is an excellent time-management tool that helps you get more done.

Honey isn't really an extension, but it does help you save time. If you're a thrifty shopper, you probably spend a lot of time looking for coupons. With Honey, this task becomes a much easier task, since the extension will automatically apply the best coupon when making a purchase. And while you're at it, you won't have to waste any more time looking for those coupons.

RescueTime helps you track your productivity. This extension pauses your mouse and keyboard after two minutes, so you can focus on your tasks. The Premium version also has site blocking, which is useful for preventing spam, but costs $6 per month or $72 a year. FoxClocks shows the current time in many different time zones, including daylight savings time. It even allows you to customize the view time so you can monitor your competitors' performance.

The Camelizer is an unobtrusive extension for Chrome that adds product price history information to sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. It can be installed without being noticed by other users. Besides adding price history information, the extension also allows you to sign up for price drop alerts. It's important to use an extension that's not only useful but also secure. If you're not sure which one is the best, try the following one first.

If you're a blogger, SavetoPocket is an extension that lets you save your favorite webpages to read offline. This extension is great for blog readers and is available for Android and iOs devices. Unlike other extensions, this extension can also be used offline, so you can access the saved content at any time. It's not just about bookmarks, though. You can use the app to read your favorites.

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