This article will show you how to create an Autoblog site using WordPress.

Autoblogging is a great way to automatically publish content from various sources, including RSS feeds, YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

We'll walk you through the process of setting up your WordPress site for autoblogging, as well as how to integrate feeds and other content sources.

We'll also show you some of the best WordPress autoblogging plugins to make things easier.

What is Auto-Blogging

What is auto-blogging? (Definition)

Autoblogging is a process that takes content from other sources and automatically publishes it to your Autoblog site.

Autoblogs allow you to aggregate content from multiple channels, such as RSS feeds and YouTube, and publish it on Autoblog websites.

Many people choose autoblogging because:

– It allows the user to create autoblogs from RSS feeds

– It has the ability to Autoblog YouTube videos

– It autoblogs content from other sources (Flickr, Flickr Pro, SmugMug, Soundcloud)

– It autoblogs Vimeo videos

Usually, autoblogging websites use RSS feeds to publish content, such as blog posts and news items. Autoblogging websites are also referred to as autoblogs.

Is autoblogging the same as RSS feed?

No, autoblogging is similar to RSS feeds, but it allows users to Autoblog multiple content channels, including blog posts and news items.

Within autoblogs, blog content can either be published in full, or the Autoblog platform can create a summary of auto blogging content for your WordPress posts. Autoblog feeds are also known as RSS feeds.

What are autoblogging platforms?

Autoblogging platforms are blog websites that aggregate content from external sources and multiple feeds to create automated posting content to WordPress or other CMS sites.

Simply put, a blog will automatically collect data from other websites via RSS feeds. So you're able to post new content automatically without any hassle.

All it takes is selecting an RSS Feed URL, setting a posting schedule, publishing the blog post on your blog, creating tags, adding images, and citing the source.

The more advanced plugins or SAAS apps will assist the website owner by driving website traffic to the posts by syndicating the content on multiple sources and social media platforms.

Most of the work is done through the Autoblog plugin. A good plugin allows you to add content from different sources, including RSS feeds, YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

Using the right auto blogging plugin will make autoblogging easy and convenient so that you can focus on other things.

Create an autoblogging site today

WordPress is one of the better website platforms to use for autoblogging. The autoblogging process is a way of automatically publishing different types of content to your Autoblog website.

For instance, autoblogging can incorporate feeds from external sites and social media along with images and videos hosted locally on your site.

As autoblogging doesn't require user interaction, it's a great way to regularly post fresh content to your autoblogging site. WordPress is free software, so autoblogging with WordPress is easy to do and won't cost you anything.

The essential elements of an autoblogging site on WordPress

You will need the following to get started:

  1. A domain name
  2. A hosting site
  3. WordPress installed on the hosting site
  4. W3 Total Cache (free): Speed up your autoblogging site and save on bandwidth with the W3 autoblogging plugin.
  5. Yoast SEO (free): This autoblogging plugin is so popular we can't leave it off our autoblog list. It comes with a bunch of autogeneratedYoast SEO, and a few other SEO plugins. It also autoblogging integrates with Google Analytics and other autoblogging tools.
  6. WP Social SEO Booster (free): This is a simple autoblogging plugin that autoblogs your autogenerated content to a variety of autoblogging social media sites.
  7. Twitter (free): You can autoblog your autogenerated autoblogging Twitter posts using this autoblogging plugin for WordPress.
  8. Vimeo and/or YouTube: You autoblogging autogenerated autoblogging autogenerating autoblog autoblog autogenerates an autoblog for your autoblogging videos is very important. You can do that using this plugin.
  9. YouTube Video Posts (free): This autoblogging autoblogging plugin makes it easy to autogenerate autoblog autoblog autoblogging autoblogs when you autogenerate a new video and autoblog it.
  10. Soundcloud (free): This autoblogging plugin makes it easy to autogenerate autoblogs for your soundcloud autoblogging tracks. There is no better autoblogging plugins and we highly recommend it if you want to autoblog quickly and easily without sacrificing too much on features.
  11. Get RSS feeds URL: A Chrome extension that makes it easy to find the URL of RSS Feeds on any website.
  12. Sociable (free): Make social sharing easy for autoblogging autoblog autogenerated autogenrated autoblogs.

Once you've got an auto blog, the next step is to learn which autoblogging plugin is the best for your needs and which ones as the best to get more traffic to your blog.

Top 10 autoblogging WordPress plugins for 2022

List of Top 10 Auto-Blogging plugins and tools to Consider For Your WordPress Website

We know when you see the list, you won't need to look up WordPress plugins again! So let me get started.

1).       WP RSS Aggregator plugin for WordPress

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin for WordPress is an autoblogging tool that can display content from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

2).       FeedWordPress plugin for autoblogging

FeedWordPress autoblogging plugin quickly integrates feeds into the blog along with some extra features such as

2).       FeedBlitz autoblogging plugin for WordPress

FeedBlitz Autoblog plugin allows you to Autoblog all your RSS feeds and manage them in one platform. This autoblogging plugin offers four feed types: Blog Subscription, Authors Subscription, Tags Subscription, and Categories Subscriptions.

3).       Agama autoblogging plugin for WordPress

Agama Autoblog plugin is the only autoblogging plugin that allows you to Autoblog your videos. This autoblogging tool can fetch any video sitewide and automatically add them to your autoblogs.

4).       AutoblogPress autoblogging plugin for WordPress

AutoBlogPress autoblogging plugin is one of the best Autoblog tools that brings you unlimited autoblogs to post any content. You also have the option to enable autoresponder, subscribe people to your Autoblog's RSS feed, and manage Autoblog subscriptions easily.

5).       All in One autoblogging plugin for WordPress

All in One autoblogging plugin provides Autoblog posts, comments, and Autoblog themes to make your autoblogging look more professional.

6).       WP Social autoblogging plugin for WordPress

WP Social autoblogging plugin allows you to Autoblog from the most popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus.

7).       Do It Yourself autoblogging plugin for WordPress

DIY autoblogging plugin enables autoblogging from your site's pages, posts, and custom post types. This autoblogging plugin enables autoblogging from all the custom post types in WordPress, such as WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress

8).       Site44 autoblogging plugin for WordPress

Site44 autoblogging plugin is one of the most popular Autoblog tools for its ease in integrating autoblogs on your site. You can Autoblog all your content from Site44 and create Autoblog posts from the S4 dashboard.

9).       Qordoba autoblogging plugin for WordPress

Qordoba autoblogging plugin is another autoblogging tool that brings features such as RSS autoblogging, Autoblog tweets, and Autoblog frequently asked questions.

10).       WP Crawler plugin for WordPress

Post autoblog plugin autoblogs your posts quickly to your autoblogs (and the RSS!). You can also schedule each post or globally schedule all your Autoblog articles at once.


The Most Popular AutoBlogging Software that works Perfect with WordPress and Does Not Require a Plugin is RSSMasher .

This SAAS app is used by most WordPress experts and is the premiere autoblogging software does not require a plugin and can be set up quickly. It will Autoblog post to your site from RSS feeds, YouTube channels, and even Google Sheets (which no other software does).

In addition, RSSMasher syndicates to most of the social platforms while the article is automatically posted to your website.

And it has some automation tools that you won't find on any WordPress plugin, like:

  1. Image Swaps (you can upload a new image everyday, weekly or monthly).
  2. Anchor text linking
  3. Money Hooks
  4. Advanced HTMl template scraping
  5. Code extraction and replacement
  6. Full content spinning options
  7. Scheduled autoblogging posts multiple times a day for any day of the week.
  8. Indexing, Smart tagging, and titled Emoji add-ons with the API Club.
  9. Webhooks with Zapier and Integromat
  10. And monthly training

To Autoblog using RSSMasher, visit the link below to learn how:


Frequently Asked Questions about AutoBlogging:

Is auto blogging legal?

Yes, content comes from RSS Feeds, “Really Simple Syndication,” and comes from legitimate RSS publishers.

Is autoblogging the same as scraping?

No, autoblogging doesn't scrape content. Autoblogs automatically create new posts through RSS feeds in which you write about different topics.

What are autoblog sites good for?

Autoblogs are great for increasing your blogging productivity and making money with Google Adsense.

What types of content can I autoblog?

You can Autoblog about various topics such as technology, sports, business, news, and entertainment.

How many autoblogs should I post daily?

It depends on your niche, the autoblogging software you are using, and how much time you have to Autoblog. Some auto bloggers recommend 4-5 posts per day for best results. Autoblogging does

What autoblogging software do you recommend?

RSSMasher is the best Autoblog plugin, hands down, and they also provide regular training on autoblogs.

Can autoblog really help me get traffic and sales?

If done correctly, autoblogs can bring a lot of traffic and sales,

Can autoblogs make money?

Yes, autoblogs can make money if done correctly, but it does require some work to get started and dedication to go out and find content other than the autoblogging software.

However, they are usually a maintenance-free way to automate your content once set up.

Can autoblogs put content on my site?

Yes, autoblogs can if the autoblogging software is set up correctly and you get permission from the website whose content it is autoblogging.

Why do I need autoblogging software?

Because autoblogging software takes the work out of autoblogging.

How long does autoblogging take?

In most cases, once you have autoblogging software set up, it's a matter of minutes to Autoblog content from any source you want. It can even autogenerate content if done correctly.

Can autoblogs harm my site?

If autoblogs post garbage link juice and do not go through proper Google autoblogging guidelines, then autoblogs can harm your site, but autoblogs appropriately done will not harm your site.

Can autoblogs autogenerate content?

Yes, autoblogs can autogenerate content if you use the autoblogging software properly.

What is autopilot blogging?

This is the same as “autoblogging.”


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