How to Archive WordPress Category Archives

If you are having trouble archiving your posts, you can install the ‘WordPress Archive Posts' plugin to solve this problem. This plugin adds a custom post status, ‘Archived', to your site. When you edit a post, you can select ‘Archived' in the Publish metabox, and then click the ‘Update' button. Once your posts are archived, they are not visible on the front end, but they remain available in your admin area.

To make it easier for users to find archives, you can create a custom status that says ‘Archived'. Once the post is archived, you can edit it, or delete it permanently. However, if you want to delete the archived content, you must first unpublish it. You can also use this plugin to archive multiple posts in bulk. To prevent your content from permanently disappearing from your website, make sure to save the post's title before deleting it.

After installing the plugin, you can use the ‘Archived' custom post status to make your posts appear on your site. To change the status of a post, simply go to the editing page of that post. In the Publish metabox, look for the ‘Archived' option and click on it. Once you've done that, your archived posts will no longer be displayed on the front end of your site. Instead, you'll be able to find them in the admin area.

Besides the default post layout, you can also create custom post archives. These archives allow you to organise your posts by year. This is a great feature to have for news websites with lots of articles every day. For blogs that publish regularly, monthly archives are a convenient way to view your blog's content. You can also create your own post categories. There are also some plugins that can organize your archives by category.

Besides the default WordPress archive plugin, you can also use the ‘WordPress Archive Posts' plugin to make your archive posts searchable. You can display your archives in the sidebar using a shortcode. The ‘WordPress Archive' plugin is a great alternative to the default archive plugin. This plugin displays your archives by date. You can also use a ‘WordPress Archives' widget to show your posts in the sidebar.

An archive page is an essential feature of a WordPress website. It helps your visitors navigate through a list of posts in an organized way. The archives are also a great option for custom post types. These are types of posts that can store custom data, such as images. Using these custom post types, you will be able to use them in your site. This way, you can customize the template, which is a great feature.

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