Install the WordPress plugin to auto-post your WordPress posts to Facebook. Follow the instructions. This will allow you to post to Facebook on a regular basis. You just need to create a new post in WordPress and choose the settings to share it on Facebook. It is easy to do this in just a few steps. Download the WordPress plugin and follow its instructions to get started.

After activating it, go back to your WordPress dashboard. Click on “Autopost” in the left-hand sidebar. You should now be able see the post that will appear in your Facebook account. You can use the Buffer plugin to automatically post your WordPress posts to Facebook. This plugin will automatically add your new posts into your Buffer queue. The plugin will automatically post your posts on your Facebook page at a specific time.

An alternative to WordPress autoposting, you can install an IFTTT Applet. IFTTT is a popular online tool that allows you to set up automated actions for your online accounts. IFTTT connects two accounts and searches for triggers to perform pre-defined actions. Once you've set up your applet, you can automatically share your new posts on Facebook. It's free and easy to use.

The IFTTT applet allows you to connect your WordPress and Facebook accounts. It's a great way to schedule and auto post your WordPress posts to your Facebook page. To use this plugin, you must first add your social accounts to your WordPress account. After that, you can set up the plugin to post only your own posts. Once you have connected your Facebook accounts, you can personalize and schedule your posts to appear on Facebook.

Register on the website to create an account for IFTTT. Enter your email address. Select the Facebook and WordPress credentials from the settings tab. Once you have set up the settings, you can opt to auto-post to Facebook. This will automate sharing your content to your social networks. It will also give you more control over the content you share on your site. You won't need to manually share your posts.

WordPress can auto-post to Facebook using the Nelio content plugin. The plugin integrates with your Facebook account and editorial schedule. You can also customize your posts. Once the plugin is installed, you can share your posts to social media on a daily basis. You can personalize each social media account to share your content. If you want to post to Facebook with your website, onlyWire will do it.

If you're not happy with the amount of work you have to do, you can also try using a WordPress plugin to auto post to Facebook. You'll be able to take advantage of Facebook's massive user base and gain followers quickly. Once you've installed this plugin, you can choose the settings that suit your business needs. This plugin will save you time and energy, so you can focus on the tasks that are most important to you business.

There are several ways to automatically post content from your WordPress blog to your Facebook page. The WP2Social Auto Publish plugin is the most popular. It will connect your WordPress site and your buffer account. The plugin lets you post pictures and simple text messages to your Facebook page. It supports linking to your posts. Besides, the plugin can be set to automatically post to your Facebook page.

There are many other ways to automate WordPress posts to Facebook, in addition to IFTTT. The most popular plugin is the Social Media Auto Publish. It allows you to share your content directly to Facebook, but it's difficult to install. This plugin is only compatible for HTTPS websites. The best way to auto post WordPress to Facebook is to use an app that has the ability to get approved by Facebook.