How to Place an Ad in WordPress

How to Place an Ad in WordPress

In WordPress, there are a few ways to place an advertisement. You can use an ad network such as AdSense or run your own ads. When you use an ad tool, you need to decide where to place the ad. You don't have to limit your ad to a sidebar box. The size, shape, and placement of your ads can vary. There are vertical and horizontal ad options, as well.


  • In WordPress, you can place ads using an ad network like AdSense or run your own ads, with options for various sizes and placements.
  • Plugins like Ad Sanity and AdSense for WordPress provide easy ways to add and manage ads, offering features such as widgets, shortcodes, customization, and statistics tracking.
  • Other methods include using ad management plugins like WP AdCenter or specific ad plugins like Corner Ad, which display ads in specific locations on your WordPress site.

One option is to use the Ad Sanity plugin. It focuses on simplicity and ease of use. You can add a new advertisement in Ad Sanity by simply creating a new post. It also has widgets and shortcodes for adding advertisements to your site. It also comes with a stats system that allows you to see how many people view your ad and what keywords they are targeting. It's an easy way to insert ads into your website and make money from it.

Another way to add advertisements is to use an ad management plugin. AdSense for WordPress is one of the easiest and most straightforward to use. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for beginners to navigate. You simply choose the ad you want and drag it to the desired location. You can customize the details and appearance of your advertisement to make it more attractive and relevant to your readers. The AdSense plugin is free and can be downloaded from Codecanyon.

In the AdSense plugin, you can choose where to place the advertisement. It allows you to choose the amount of ad content you want to display and how many paragraphs you want to display. The AdSense plugin is free, but does lack the features of a premium version. It allows you to create your advertisement in a snap and preview it before it goes live. It also allows you to create a URL for the advertisement.

There are several other ways to place an advertisement on a WordPress website. You can use a plugin that inserts advertisements. For example, WP AdCenter can be installed and activated. Once you install the plugin, select the tab called “AdCenter” and click “Create Ad. In the AdCenter, you can choose a banner ad or other ad format and place it anywhere on the site.

Corner Ad: This ad plugin displays an ad in the top right and left of your WordPress site. It is designed to be minimally invasive and will flip open when a user hovers over the ad. The ad returns to its original position when the mouse is removed. Ads in WordPress are extremely effective at generating revenue. You can add advertisements to your website through the ADNING plugin, which is available for free on the plugin repository.

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