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The simplest way to use a WordPress auto blog is to import content from an RSS feed. This can be done easily with a plugin called FeedWordPress. This plugin is an aggregator of web content that aggregates content from over 30 top sources and automatically updates your site. The autoblog can also advance your website through different sources, such as social networking sites. The plugin was first promulgated in 2009, and over 1 million WordPress clients now use it.


Another great feature of a WordPress auto blog is the ability to create multiple websites without much effort. You can create several websites in one day by importing RSS feeds from external sites. Using an auto blog, you can create numerous sites quickly, and they will all have unique content and link back to your main site. These websites can be set up to update automatically, and the content is automatically republished. Using RSS feeds from other sites to create multiple websites that generate revenue on autopilot is also possible.

The newest version of this plugin includes a feature that lets you import a wide variety of content from dozens of sources. You can publish Amazon products, Walmart products, eBay auctions, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and classified ads. You can even add relevant product offers to your posts through this plugin. With a little work, you can have your blog up and running quickly and profitably within days. The newest version also allows customization of your content, including age, page formats, and more.

The WPeMatico plugin extracts the titles, categories, and tags from RSS feeds. It also converts partial articles to complete posts. The plugin can strip out links before publishing, set a post's status to “draft” or “published” in the dashboard, and even translate the content before posting. It also supports multisites and adds custom fields to posts. This plugin has many options, so it is important to research your options before choosing a plugin.

The WPeMatico plugin imports content from an RSS feed and arranges it according to categories. The plugin can even publish new content while you sleep. It has a user-friendly interface that looks similar to a WordPress auto blog. Its settings options panel lets you choose how often and how many posts to publish. It also lets you turn on or off comments. With this, you can use your WordPress auto blog to publish new content daily, weekly, or monthly.

WordPress auto blogs are an excellent way to curate content daily. You don't need to be a writer to publish fresh content – you need to create the feeds and post them on your site. Also, you can also make money by monetizing your auto blog. You can make a living by selling advertising on your site. This can be done with WordPress or other similar auto blogging plugins.

Damon Nelson
Damon Nelson

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