How to Use the WordPress Post by Email Plugin

You can set up Post by Email to send your posts via email. You can choose the category for your emails and choose whether to include your signature. Alternatively, you can manually post to your blog from your desktop. The default setting is to use HTML. If your email client supports it, you can use it to create beautiful posts. Generally, you can use any email client to send your posts, but you should make sure it supports HTML before you send it.

In order to use Post by Email, you will need to install the plugin first. Once you have installed it, go to the Plugins page and search for the feature. In the plugins list, look for “Post by Email.” Once you have installed it, activate it. Some plugins are designed to make the process easier, but some will not work as well. Some will only allow you to send posts to a single recipient.

Post by Email can work with either formatted or plain text emails. It strips out unnecessary HTML tags before sending, but you will need to use a text editor or an email client that supports rich text formatting. It also works with single images and galleries. If you use multiple images, you'll need to create a gallery instead of a single image. You should also install a PHPMailer extension before using this feature. It is not possible to send a post by email to multiple accounts at once.

The built-in post by email functionality of WordPress is not fully functional. It lacks important features. In fact, it is expected to be removed from the next version of WordPress. As a result, it's recommended to use a WordPress plugin to achieve the desired functionality. If you want to send posts to your WordPress blog through email, you must install a plugin. This plugin allows you to post your content through email. It is also free.

To use Post by email, you must create an email account with the same name as your WordPress site. You must use a valid email address to avoid receiving spam messages. Once you've registered, you should login to your account and then click on the ‘Regenerate address' button. Ensure that you have an email address that allows you to receive your emails through this method. Once you've registered, you should have a unique email address.

The Post by email Jetpack module works in the same way as the default WordPress feature. To use this plugin, you must first set up a secret email account. It should be one that only you know. The e-mail address must be at least two characters long and contain the username. It should be a unique email address. If you need to post your blog in your own domain, you can choose a special e-mail domain for your site.

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