The bum marketer has much money potential and is a great way to create income. In this article, I am going to give a step by step guide on how you can generate an income and begin to make some cash to supplement your current income.

Here is a list of things you need to do now.

1. Pick your niche. This is what you need to figure out before you do anything else. I recommend you get into your niche after you read this article.
2. Find at least ten longtail keyword phrases to use in your title. For example, if you chose golf, your title is simply going to be golf for right now.
3. Set up ten web pages. You need to do this now. Simply go to a website like and draw up ten short page sites that will be linked to each other. For example, you might have five pages about golf like this one.
4. Sign up for nine Google Ad words accounts. These are the ads you see in the right-hand corner of the search results. Sign up for one and follow the program.
Never Pay for an Ad word account as an individual. The reason for this is any one of your competitors can do the same thing, and Google will shut them down. You will be penalized as an individual if you ever use Ad words as an individual.
5. Use article marketing and Ezine to drive traffic to your websites. This is the easiest way to create an income. Simply write 200-word articles and then submit them to
6. Make sure that you are writing at least one article per day. This will create traffic and also help you rank better in Google.
7. Observe two things:
– Take note of what you do to make a profit and duplicate the accomplishments others are doing.
– Make original work like this one or that one. Change formats and words then produce a new website that is a different but complementary project that you can use to create an income as an individual.

These seven steps will help you create a nice niche inside of Google.