If you are a webmaster, SEO specialist or marketing expert, optimizing content is important. It can boost your site’s ranking and attract more readers.

There are several tools available for WordPress users to optimize their content for readability and engagement. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use RSSMasher and WordPress to do just that.

1. Use Shorter Paragraphs

When determining paragraph length, it is important to consider the purpose of a document and the subject matter. This is especially true in writing for business, where a long wall of text can be intimidating to a reader.

In addition, short paragraphs are more readable on screens, making them easier for readers to skim. This is especially true for e-commerce websites, where consumers often shop from their phones or tablets.

Paragraphs can also be shortened by eliminating needless modifiers, such as “good,” “just,” “almost” and “hardly.” These words modify nouns but are not needed. Instead, a writer can replace them with words like “simply,” which is more neutral and less likely to annoy or confuse readers.

2. Use Headers

Headers are a great way to break up large blocks of text and make your content easier to scan for both search engines and people. Moreover, they help users to find the information they’re looking for quickly.

Using relevant keywords in your headers also helps them to rank in featured snippets on Google. However, you should be careful about keyword stuffing.

When writing your headers, keep in mind that they should match the search intent of the page or blog post you’re creating. This will improve your chances of driving traffic and converting them into leads.

3. Use Large Fonts

Large fonts, especially for titles and headers, attract attention and help readers find what they need more easily. They also encourage people to read more text and stay engaged with your content.

For headings, use a typeface that is larger than the body text so that the headline can stand out from the rest of the copy on your page. Experiment with different sizes, weights, and spacing to find the right balance.

For body text, size it using relative units such as ems or percentages. Avoid using absolute units, like points or pixels, which are difficult to resize in Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

4. Use Subheadings

Headings and subheadings can be used to improve readability and engagement on your site. They also help search engines understand your content better, which can boost your rankings.

Headers should be clear and concise and convey the primary focus of a section. This will make it easier for readers to scan for key information and easily find what they need.

Subheadings should provide additional information, rather than repeating the information found in previous subheadings. This will ensure that you're not wasting your reader's time with repetitive subheadings.

5. Use Shorter Sentences

Readability is a crucial component of SEO and content marketing today. Not only does it improve the reader experience, but it also alerts search engines to your quality content.

Sentence length is one of the most important predictors of content readability, and you should always strive to avoid using long sentences. This will help your readers understand what you are trying to say easier, and will not take up valuable space that could be used for other text.

Break up long blocks of text with short, simple paragraphs and use subheadings to make your content more scannable. Including plenty of images in your content is another helpful strategy that can significantly improve its readability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can beginners bloggers make money online?

Writing technique: Bucket BrigadeRSSMasher a tool that automates the creation of content is available for free.

RSSMasher allows you to create posts automatically using RSS feeds. This allows you publish fresh content every day without manually updating your site.

RSSMasher is a great tool for creating weekly recipe feeds, for example, if you are a food blogger and want to post recipes every week. After each week, just push a button for a new posting.

RSSMasher is a powerful tool for beginners because of this feature alone. There are more features!

RSSMasher even allows you to create custom RSSfeeds. Instead of creating one feed for your blog, you can create multiple feeds to cover different categories.

You could have a feed for tips, reviews, or recipes. You can customize these RSSMasher feeds to fit your theme because RSSMasher generates code.

RSSMasher is an essential tool for beginners bloggers. RSSMasher not only automates content creation but also allows you to control your content.

RSSMasher's completely free! There's no cost involved. Register now to download the software.

Once installed, RSSMasher works out of the box. Just enter your email address or password to get started.

What's the Downside With Automated Blogs?

Automated blogs can have their benefits but there are also some drawbacks. Here are a few things to keep in mind before jumping into the fray:

It is difficult to find good content. Automated blogs are popular because people believe they can simply copy and paste existing content into a blog. These sites tend to be poorly written and lack originality.

Bloggers often spend too much time managing blogs rather than posting content.

Bloggers often spend too little time promoting blogs. While they might be achieving great traffic, if no one is aware of their site, it doesn’t matter.

There are many different types of blogs. Some are focused on providing information, while others are designed to sell products. You should choose the type of blog that best suits your needs.

There are many different ways to automate your blog. Each method has its pros as well as cons.

How can I automate my WordPress site?

Automating WordPress blogs is possible with plugins, such as WPCLI. It allows you install and manage multiple WordPress site from one place.

How do I make 1k per day blogging?

If you have a large readership, 1k per day is possible. Your blog will require you to work on it for 40 hours per week. Or else automate your blogging with RSSMasher, which can automate RSS Feed articles, YouTube videos, and AI-written articles directly posted inside your site.

This includes writing new posts, promoting your website, syndicating to social networks, and backlinking at BoosterPages.

I don't want to work on my blog. Do you have someone I can hire to do this?

Yes. It is possible to hire someone to create unique blog posts every day.

You can also find someone to manage all your social media accounts, help promote your blog, as well as grow your business.


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  • Note: 83% of ShoutMeLoud content is evergreen content.
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Auto blogging: What does it mean?

Auto blogging allows content to be published automatically without human intervention. Auto blogging is a method of publishing content automatically without the need to manually write it. WordPress.com, the most popular auto-blogging program, is it. This service is great if you are looking to post new content often, but don’t want to spend too many hours managing your website.

Tumblr might be the best option for you if a cost-free alternative is what you seek. Tumblr is completely free and comes with unlimited storage. However, you will need to manage the domain name and set-up your theme.

Instead of going down the DIY route, plenty of options are available online. Some of these services offer paid plans, while others are entirely free. In addition to hosting platforms like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and Magento, you can find many different tools which automate the process of writing articles.

Automatic content generation can save you time. You won't need to spend hours researching and writing content when you use a tool such as HubSpot Content Factory. Instead, you can sit back and relax knowing that your software will take care everything.

It's not always easy to generate content. Many people struggle because they lack skills to produce quality material. You can find many excellent resources online to improve your writing skills. You can check out our guide for improving your spelling and grammar.

Also, think about the content you wish to produce. Do you simply want to post news stories as a snippet? Would you rather write longer pieces of news? If so, you'll probably need to invest more time into learning how to write well before you try to use a tool like HubSpot Content Factory.

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