If you're trying to decide between a wordpress.com site and a wordpress.org site, you may be wondering what the difference is between the two. This article will help you with that decision with an explanation and comparison of both options. Whether you're using a personal website, a company website, or a blog for business purposes, you should know that the former is free to use and the latter is a paid website.


There are many differences between the WordPress com and org domain extensions, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs. WordPress org is the preferred domain extension for bloggers, and the com version is for commercial websites. If you're unsure, you should contact your hosting provider to find out. They'll be able to give you the most accurate information. Also, avoid reading random articles about hosting. Although it's OK to read personal experiences, they're often not the best source for facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is automated blogger?

Automated Blogging is a process where you write your blog posts automatically. The program generates the posts from scratch. This allows you to focus on what to write and how to communicate it. The software handles all of the details.

There are many ways to automate your blog. Some people use TypePad and WordPress.com. FeedBlitz, FeedBurner and others are also popular. You can connect to RSS feeds, and then generate new posts as they update.

The main benefit of automating your blog is that you spend less time doing things you hate (like writing) and more time doing things you love (like reading). You'll also be able to keep one set of codes if you have multiple blogs.

How can you make 1k/day blogging

1k a day is possible if you have a very large audience. However, you will need to devote more than 40 hours a week to your blog. You can also automate your blog with RSSMasher. This tool automates RSS Feed articles, YouTube videos and AI-written articles that are directly posted to your site.

This includes writing new articles, promoting your blog, syndicating to the socials, and backlinking to BoosterPages.

Does that mean hosting is expensive?

No. Most blogging platforms offer free plans. WordPress.org, for example, offers a free version called WordPress.com.

You can even use their free blog testing service before making any purchase.

How long does it take to build a successful blog?

It all depends on how much effort you put into it. Here is an approximate estimate.

It is a good rule to publish at least one article per day. This means that you should be publishing at least 3 articles per week.

AdSense ads requires you to create 10-20 posts per working day. That would translate to 30-60 articles per calendar month.

That doesn't sound like a lot, but writing those articles takes quite a bit. Then you will have to do it all again.

Now is the time to think about an automated blogging system like RSSMasher, which will save you at least 10 hours each week.

Does Auto Blogging Work?

Yes! Over two years I've been blogging and my blog has grown to more than 1 million page views every month. This blog took me 3 months to develop, but I still receive 500-1000 visits daily. My traffic is coming from all around the world.

I am not saying everyone can succeed with auto blogging, but I believe it's possible.


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How To

How to Autoblog

Autoblogging involves writing articles and posting them online. It's a great tool to get your name out, and to drive traffic to you site. This strategy can be used for promotion of any website, regardless if it is a blog site or a business. You can make autoblogging a success by finding a niche and then writing high-quality content. Once you've found your audience, start posting regularly.

You can find great ideas for autoblogs at sites such as Digg, Reddit. StumbleUpon. Delicious. There are many approaches to autoblogging. Try different methods until you find your best. These are some tips to get you started.

  1. You need to find a niche. An Autoblog that is well-respected should appeal to a particular audience. If you are trying to reach all people, you might not get much traction. Find something you are interested in and learn as much as possible about it.
  2. Write well – When you first begin blogging, writing is one of your most difficult tasks. Don't be discouraged if you don’t know how to create a blog. Just continue practicing. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Be consistent – Autoblogging requires consistency. It won't work to post new content every day. Instead, give yourself a weekly block of time to create posts. This gives you a chance to practice and improve your skills before you publish anything.
  4. Have fun – When you're starting, it's easy to forget why you decided to start blogging in the first place. Remember that blogging is meant to be enjoyable. You should take some time out from work once in while to relax.
  5. Develop relationships – Bloggers often think that writing is their only job. Instead of building relationships with those who share their passion, bloggers spend too much energy worrying about what they'll write next. Start commenting on blogs that interest you, and leave comments on other blogs. You will eventually meet new people along the way.
  6. Use social media. Social media allows you to communicate directly with your readers. Twitter, Facebook Google+, LinkedIn and many other tools are excellent for connecting with your readers.
  7. Promote – Once there are a few followers, you can promote your Autoblog. Use social media, email newsletters, forums to share your posts. Be sure to include a link back at your site.
  8. Get feedback – After blogging for a while ask your readers for feedback. Ask your readers what they like and disliked about you. Listen to them and make suggestions for future posts.
  9. Automate – As you gain experience, you'll realize that automating parts of your workflow will save you tons of time. One example is creating RSS feeds to your posts rather than manually updating your blog.
  10. Network – Finally! Get involved in groups and attend events related to your topic. This will allow you to meet new people. These connections can prove to be invaluable in the future.

There are many ways to autoblog. It is important to experiment until you discover the right method for you. Good luck!

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Damon Nelson

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