The Difference Between WordPress Com and WordPress Org

The difference between and is not always immediately obvious. One of the main differences is that offers a paid service while is free. The open-source software is more flexible and offers almost complete freedom and control of your data. It also allows you to integrate external plugins and themes. However, there are a few differences between the two. The latter is more expensive and restricts you to specific features.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. It powers 39% of the top ten million websites. It is a powerful content management system that scales and optimizes well. Both options have their pros and cons. Generally, the org version is more secure, but some people are still wary of com websites. Whether you are using WordPress COM for your blog or an org domain, you’ll find that both are available for your site.

The difference between WordPress com and wordpress org is very simple. Using WordPress com allows you to create a blog or a website with a customized domain name. You can use any theme, even if it is free. Both free and premium themes can be customized. The premium ones, however, offer more customization features. They also allow you to create custom logos, colors, and other designs.

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