If you're looking to double the value of your content in the top of the funnel, try using data visualization. This type of interactive content can be re-purposed across many marketing channels. Creating a live Q&A session or inviting industry experts to join your webinar can further double the value of your content. Ensure that your presentation deck has a brand name, as this creates a cohesive brand identity and becomes memorable for your audience.


In addition to the content you create for your blog, you can create videos that answer your mid-funnel leads' questions. Videos can be created from any content, including long-form blog posts. In addition to being great for top-funnel marketing, they can also act as lead magnets. You can also write a short video explaining your product or service, and then link it from your blog or guest post.


Top of funnel marketing includes content creation and distribution, content strategy, promotional events, and personalized marketing efforts. Anything that introduces a brand to prospects and shows empathy is considered top of funnel marketing. For example, Lexus' Beyond Utility campaign featured over 1000 videos and emphasized the fusion of utility and luxury. Using this approach, Lexus was able to show consumers that being useful and chic need not be mutually exclusive.


The goal of your Top of the Funnel marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your website. Your overall traffic report will include your lower, middle, and upper funnel marketing efforts. To track which sources bring visitors to your website, you can use Urchin Tracking Module code in your URL links, social posts, blogs, and email campaigns. Depending on the medium, you can track how many visitors came from each source.

Buyer personas

The first step in creating buyer personas is to collect data about your current customers, prospects, referrals, and third-party networks. Take a look at your customer database and list the names and contact information of each one. Next, identify the characteristics that each persona shares, such as age, profession, family, interests, hobbies, and other demographics. Once you have these details, create a buyer persona for each of these groups.


One of the most important aspects of SEO for top of funnel marketing is to move visitors to the next phase of the buying process – awareness. Awareness is the stage when a customer realizes that they have a problem and starts searching for a solution. But they may not know what to buy or when to buy it. This is where SEO comes in. It allows you to create a positive brand experience for visitors while ensuring that they are not left feeling like a spammer or an ad-ware website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is automated posting safe?

Yes. Automated blog systems are completely secure. They won't cause any harm to your computer.

They simply create random text based off a template. They won't reveal any personal information about you.

And because they are generated using a template, they won't look like your original content.

Can I host my blog myself?

Yes. Hosting your blog can be done by purchasing a domain name through Namecheap, GoDaddy, or Google Apps.

This gives you total control over all aspects of your blog. This allows you to choose where your blog is located, modify its appearance and make other changes without having to ask anyone else.

How can I make an automated news site?

Automated News website allows anyone to submit news stories, which are then automatically published. These sites are usually free to join, but some require a small fee to publish content. Because of their ease-of-use, automated news sites have been growing in popularity. These websites are also a great option for those who don't have enough resources to hire a web designer or maintainer.

What happens when my blog gets hacked?

Your blog is secure. Even if someone hacks your site, they won't be able to access your email address, password, and other private data.

And since the content is generated randomly, the hacker won't be able to guess what your next post will be.

It's not something to be afraid of, even though it might seem frightening.

How can beginners bloggers make money online?

Writing technique: Bucket BrigadeRSSMasher is a free tool that helps you automate your content creation process.

RSSMasher can automatically generate posts based off RSS feeds. You can create fresh content every day and not have to update the site manually.

For example, if you're a food blogger who wants to post recipes weekly, you could use RSSMasher to create a weekly recipe feed. You would then just need to press a button to create a new post after each week is over.

RSSMasher is a powerful tool for beginners because of this feature alone. But there's more!

RSSMasher allows you to create custom RSS feeds. Instead of creating one feed for your blog, you can create multiple feeds to cater for different categories.

You could, for example, create a feed that contains recipes, reviews and tips. And since RSSMasher generates the code for these feeds, you can easily customize them to match your theme.

RSSMasher, a great tool for beginner bloggers, is essential. It not only automates the content creation process, but it also gives you full control of your content.

Plus, RSSMasher is entirely free. There is no charge. All you have to do is sign up and then download the software.

RSSMasher runs right out of the box once it is installed. You just need to enter your password and email address, and you are good to go.

Can Automatic Blogs Infringe Copyright?

Yes, automated blogs may infringe copyright. This occurs when someone else uses your material without your consent.

We strongly recommend that you ask permission for any use of another person's content. You can syndicate content from another person's RSS Feed if you do so.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

RSS feeds allow users subscribe to websites and to be notified when new content is posted. An example of this is “www.example.com”. If you are subscribed to the website, you will receive notifications whenever new articles are posted.

It is forbidden to publish content on another website without permission. You are simply reusing content that has been sent to you via an RSS feed. This does not violate any copyright.

However, we recommend giving credit to the original author and reading more back to the source.

What's the difference in RSSMasher and RSS Feeder, you ask?

RSSMasher is different from other RSS Feeders in that:

  1. RSSMasher was created for bloggers who want to make money with their websites.
  2. RSSMasher is 100% automated once you schedule the mash. Once it's set up, you won't need to add RSS feeds or modify settings.
  3. RSSMasher will automatically post your RSS feed(s) or AI-generated content to your website.
  4. RSSMasher will show you detailed reports detailing when your posts were published.
  5. RSSMasher will help you get started quickly by providing step-by-step instructions.
  6. RSSMasher keeps you up-to-date with the latest features.
  7. RSSMasher works in all major web browsers like Firefox, Safari Chrome Chrome, Opera and Opera.
  8. RSSMasher's SEO optimization is excellent.
  9. RSSMasher is supported 24/7 by dedicated support staff.
  10. RSSMasher comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

RSSMasher can be a great solution for those looking to make money off their blogs.


  • It felt like about 95% aggregation and about 5% curation. (managewp.com)
  • Each movie features a “user average,” which calculates the percentage of registered users who have rated the film positively on a 5-star scale. (kasareviews.com)
  • It takes a single article and converts it into dozens of 100% unique, human-quality articles. (kasareviews.com)
  • To activate this feature, just enter a probability under 100 percent for the source to be added to each post. (kasareviews.com)
  • Note: 83% of ShoutMeLoud content is evergreen content.
  • 5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Reduce your loading time by even 50-80% just by following simple tips. (themeisle.com)

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Auto Blogging Overview: How Does It Work?

Auto blogging allows content to be published automatically without any human intervention. While you are not required to do any writing, auto blogging allows you to publish blog posts automatically. WordPress.com is the most popular type of auto-blogging software. This service is great if you need to frequently publish content but don't want spend too much time managing the website.

Tumblr might be the best option for you if a cost-free alternative is what you seek. There is no monthly cost to use Tumblr and unlimited storage space. However, you will need to manage your domain and set up your theme.

Many options are online, so you don't have to go DIY. Some services require you to pay for a plan, while others can be used completely free. Apart from hosting platforms such as WordPress, Joomla! Drupal, Magento, and Magento, there are many tools available that can automate the process for writing articles.

The best thing about automatic content generation is the time it saves. HubSpot's Content Factory makes it easy to save time and not spend hours researching and writing content. Instead, you can be confident that the software will take care of everything.

Generating content isn’t always simple. Many people have difficulty starting because they lack the skills required to produce high-quality content. There are many online resources that will help you improve writing skills. Take, for example, our guide to improving your spelling and grammar.

Also, think about the content you wish to produce. Do you only want to publish short news stories? Or would you prefer to write longer pieces? If so, you'll probably need to invest more time into learning how to write well before you try to use a tool like HubSpot Content Factory.

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