Repurposing is a key aspect of content marketing. Rather than spending time creating new content from scratch, you can reuse your existing content to reach new audiences and build industry relationships. Content repurposing can be done with a variety of platforms, including GatherContent. This content collaboration platform lets you add all of the steps required for content creation to your project workflow, including ideation, briefing, draft writing, editing, publishing, and distribution. Once created, GatherContent will help you track traffic with Google Analytics and continue to use your content longer, thus increasing its reusability.

Content repurposing for SEO

Content repurposing is a technique that helps to increase the effectiveness of SEO campaigns by reusing existing content. It can be done for a variety of reasons, from increasing ranking for a specific keyword to recovering lost rankings. If you're planning to repurpose your content, make sure to set goals before starting. The best way to get started is by examining the content library you have on your website.

Repurposing older content can be done in many ways, from changing the title to targeting a different audience. For example, if your website has a section on travel tips, you can republish that content as a travel blog. You can also add relevant keyword phrases to make the content more relevant for search engines.

Content repurposing for audience

Repurposing content is important for multiple reasons. First, it gives you more opportunities to distribute your content. Second, different audiences consume content differently at different times. Finally, repurposing allows you to make use of the same content over multiple channels. Repurposing content can help you reach your audience in more ways than you might have imagined.

Repurposing your content for new purposes can help your content achieve a higher return on investment. For example, if you have a blog post that performs well but doesn't garner as much interest as you would like, you can try updating it to reach a new audience segment. For this, you can try a new style or format.

Content repurposing for industry relationships

Content repurposing is a great strategy for extending your marketing dollars and demonstrating your team's value to your industry. First, review your existing content to determine which topics are evergreen. Evergreen topics are relevant and often generate organic conversions, social comments, shares, and inquiries.

Once you have an idea of which topics you can reuse, create a content repurposing workflow. Repurposing your content is a great way to increase visibility and SEO while expanding your reach. Content that performs well may still be worth repurposing, but a new perspective can make it even more useful to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for content marketing that can be done by one person or a group?

The answer to this question depends on your budget, skill set, and experience. If you don’t have enough resources to hire someone for content creation, distribution, optimization, and maintenance tasks, you will need the knowledge to do it yourself.

A support system is essential if you want to be successful in content marketing.

A content agency or strategist can help you save time, money and get better results.

If you don't work hard, deliver quality content consistently and keep up to date with the latest trends, you won't be able to succeed. It is essential to have a solid content strategy.

What content marketing agencies offer the best services?

The vast majority of content marketing agencies are experienced in creating content strategies.

Your knowledge will save you a lot of time and effort. They can create a customized plan that meets your specific needs.

You shouldn't assume all agencies are equipped with the necessary skills. There are some companies that specialize in a specific niche, like eCommerce. Others work with specific industries, like law firms.

Ask them where they specialize and you will find the best agency for your needs.

Is content marketing simple to measure?

Yes! Yes! It allows you to assess whether your efforts have been successful and if there are any changes you should make.

You can track how many visitors came from various sources–including organic search, email, social media, paid to advertise, and more–and track conversions like sales leads and purchases.

These metrics will show you which pieces performed well and highlight your most important opportunities.

What are some common mistakes people make in starting a content-marketing program?

A plan is the most important thing to do when you are creating content marketing strategies. Without a solid plan, all your efforts will be wasted time and money. You'll create tons of content without knowing how to use it or where it should go.

A well-thought-out content marketing strategy provides direction, focus, and goals. It also helps keep everything on track as you move from phase to phase. You might start with analyzing which types of posts are generating the most engagement, especially if you're using social media. This will give you an idea of which posts will lead to traffic to the site. From there, you can decide whether you want to create a series of blog articles or videos based on these results.

A common mistake is to not think about the length of the content marketing campaign. If your goal is to launch a new website tomorrow it makes sense for you to create content now. However, if your content marketing strategy has been in place for six months, it's a good idea to start writing new material once you have more data.

It takes time to build great content. This step should not be taken lightly or rushed.

Suppose you're a business owner who wants to learn more about content marketing. In that case, we recommend reading our guide on How To Create Content That Works, which includes ten steps to follow to ensure that your content marketing programs are effective.

How much does it cost to hire a content strategist?

Many agencies and freelancers offer content creation services at affordable prices. However, some companies will pay more if they are satisfied with the level of expertise of the individual working on the project.

How long can I expect my content-marketing campaign to last?

It varies based on the type of service or product offered.

You might spend one month designing a new style of shoe if you're selling shoes. For example, you could launch your new product in August. You may then continue to update it throughout each year.

If you sell clothing, you might create one look for fall and one for spring. Your goal is continually offer something fresh so your audience never gets bored.

Your goals determine the length of your content marketing campaign. For small-scale businesses, you may only need to focus on one channel. For larger companies, you may need to consider multiple channels to reach a broad target audience.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is successful because it produces valuable, engaging content which provides value.

You build relationships with your audience by providing useful information, solving problems, entertaining, or engaging them. Positive messages from brands that they trust and know are appreciated by people.

People enjoy reading things that interest them. When you create something that interests them, your readers will return for more.

Your content should encourage people to take actions – such as buying your product or signingup for your newsletter.

The key to successful content marketing is to write compelling copy that engages your target market and provides them with the information they want and need.


  • Forty-seven percent of buyers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative. (
  • Progress indicators (0–100%) allow each team member to see how attainable each goal is and understand what remains to be accomplished. (
  • We found that 40% of businesses don't have a documented strategy yet. (
  • An example of an overarching goal could be: “In 2022, we want to achieve a 20% increase in revenue created by organic content and generate 15,000 MQLs with a budget of $30,000.” (
  • According to our research, brand awareness, attracting traffic, and generating leads remain the key content marketing goals in 2022. (

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How To

How to create great content that complements your content marketing strategies

The importance of content creation

Content marketing strategies are vital to every business. They can help you reach your target audiences, position yourself as thought leaders, and build relationships. But, if these efforts aren't done well, they could be wasted.

Content marketing is about providing valuable information to potential clients via written, audio, and video formats. This content should be engaging enough to keep them interested in reading or listening to it while providing helpful information. It should also include keywords that match their interests and goals so that they'll click the link and visit your website when they find it.

The key to content marketing success lies in its ability connect with your target audience. Without knowing who your ideal customer, how can you communicate effectively? That's why it's crucial to understand your target market before starting. You'll be able craft messages that appeal to your target market and give them exactly the message they need.

After identifying your target market, it's time to create content ideas that meet their needs. You might start writing blog posts about general topics like “how to make money online” or “what is social media marketing.” But once you get to know your audience, you'll realize that there are specific problems they face daily that would benefit from having answers to. They might struggle to find work-life balance. Or they may want tips on how they can spend less grocery shopping. No matter what case it may be, imagine the problems your ideal client faces. Then write about them.

Use the right tools when publishing your content. This will ensure it looks great on mobile devices and won't take up too much screen space. Consider sharing your content via email, Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You never know who may see it!

If you're looking for ways to improve your content marketing strategy, try adding some videos to your mix. Videos are much easier to comprehend than long blocks or text. Therefore, people are more likely watch them. Videos are more appealing than reading text, so this will allow you to reach more people. Videos can be shared across multiple platforms making it easy to share them with family and friends.

Content marketing can be a very effective way to connect with your target audience and get new leads. You can increase brand awareness by creating quality content and draw more visitors to you site. Your audience needs and problems should be addressed through your content. If you do this, your content marketing campaign will be successful.

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