Instagram Trends For 2019 – New Trends in Social Media For Business

There are a few key Instagram trends for 2019 that will help you stay on top of your game. One big change is hiding public like counts, which began as a test last summer and is now rolling out in several regions. Shoppable ads have also been added, as have desktop publishing and IGTV. New chat stickers, quiz and donation stickers, and the option to switch to a Creator account were also added. It's easy to get left behind, but these seven trends will help you stay ahead of the curve.

As the platform continues to evolve, businesses should be on top of Instagram trends. In 2020, the introduction of new features such as Instagram TV and Stories will have a major impact on the platform. These tools will make it easier for businesses to reach a larger audience and increase brand recognition. Using hashtags is a great way to keep your account relevant to users and boost brand awareness. However, you should consider your target audience. The demographics of your followers and the type of content they are looking for will affect how you market your products and services.

Shopping is another trend in Instagram that will continue to grow. In 2018, brands will focus on content that is authentic and makes people want to buy. With 500 million daily users, Stories are a fantastic way to promote deals and boost user engagement. To keep your content interesting, make sure to have a consistent theme for all of your Stories, and keep your audience in mind. As the platform grows, it's likely to merge with IGTV and Stories, increasing its userbase.

In addition to posting photos and videos, businesses should also focus on integrating AR into their posts. These AR filters will help users tap on a product's packaging to make a purchase through a partner site. In 2020, the Social Causes tool will allow users to support nonprofits in need. More than 100 million dollars will be raised in the first seven months of 2020. In addition to these visual trends, businesses should also stay on top of Instagram trends to avoid being left behind.

As with all social media platforms, Instagram trends can make or break your strategy. To stay on top of these trends, you should follow the latest developments and take advantage of beta tools. Research the top competitors and take their inspiration. There are plenty of examples for incorporating Instagram trends in your marketing plan. You can't go wrong. Just remember to be creative and stay relevant! These Instagram trends will help you stay ahead of the curve. You'll be surprised at how many opportunities are available for your business on the social media platform.

The next big Instagram trend for 2021 will be branded AR filters. The AR filter is a fun way for fans to interact with brands. It's an interactive way to promote a product or service. The new technology will allow creators to make money and boost brand awareness. This is one of the most important trends in Instagram for 2021. These are just a few of the many emerging features that will keep users engaged on the platform.

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