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One quick offer before you get started with RSSMasher Technology

Now you can easily create engaging emojis and content hashtags, along with indexing and retweets with a few clicks of the mouse.

Get instant access to our API Club

The API Club includes four powerful enterprise-level marketing tools to help you get more traffic to your blog and social posts.

You can add these agency level, traffic magnets yourself. However, if purchased individually, you will be spending over $127/month for these tools… and you would still not get the RT Army.

The good news is that we have an agency license to each of these tools, which gives us a higher posting frequency and API capabilities. And by sharing the cost of these high-level integration tools, we can pass tremendous savings to our API club members.

We give you all the same features as you would receive individually, but at a significant discount in our club membership. Plus, we include exclusive access to our own RT Army.

This exclusive access to our private Twitter accounts in the RT Army access is worth the cost of the subscription all by itself. 

We use aged and well established Twitter accounts, along with any that club members contribute, to retweet your original tweet. This retweeting by many different random Twitter accounts, can instantly make your tweet more popular and increase the reach of your account. 

This instant credibility will often place your original post in front of news agencies that are watching for active Twitter retweets that only the RT Army can do automatically for you.

Inside the software, we offer this API Club at $29/month. As a new member, you can get all 4 of the tools listed below instantly added to your RSSMasher Technology account for only $19/month. 

This offer ends when you close this page. So take advantage of this 35% savings during this launch

Join the API Club today and start using it immediately within your account. 

Rite Kit

Automatically add "Smart Emojis" and hashtags that matches your subject title. Great tool for getting more social engagements. 
Members limited to 3,000/per month.

Link Processor

Instantly Rank Higher By Pushing More Power To Your URLs. Our agency account processes 300 links to each post
Members limited to 3,000 Posts/per month.  

Spin Rewriter

This enables you to spin the title and description of each feed posts prior to publishing in your schedule. Members limited to 600 Unique Spins/month.  

RT Army

Use a co-shared team of Twitter accounts to randomly retweet your scheduled Twitter posts. This is your secret weapon to getting social traffic to your posts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the API club to run RSSMasher?

No, it is not required. 

Combined together, they enhance the quality of your social posts and make them more interesting and unique. In addition, they tend to get your sites indexed quicker and shared socially. We use them ourselves to make more engaging posts.

Can I purchase these tools myself?

Yes, absolutley!

However, we built this club to share a fraction of the cost of all these tools combined together. Likewise, we've directly integrated them into RSSMasher Technology, so they are ready to use immediately.

Do I need to setup anything if I add the API Club to my account?

No setup required. 

The API integrations are automatically added to your RSSMasher account. Thus saving you hours of work on your part. You can start using them with your first post as soon as you're ready.

Can I cancel the API Club subscription if I don't use it?


You simply send an email to [email protected] and we'll cancel the service and future billing. All the automated posts from that point on will not have the added power of these traffic magnets. However, to rejoin the API Club, you would be paying the $29/month price.

What are Smart Emojis and Content Hastags

Great question. Our API integration with Ritekit sends the content to Ritekit to use their proprietary system to find the best emojis to match your post. Likewise a quick read of the title and desciption by Ritekit results in "Content Themed" hashtags, suitable for any social platform.

Is there training on how to use these tools?

Yes, we have several videos that we talk about the strategy of when you might use them. As far as the software, they are simply checkboxes that you check to run them. Very easy to implement.

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