If you've wondered how to get more comments on your blog, you're not alone. You may have heard that hosting a contest or being everywhere helps. You've also likely heard that writing a compelling headline is a good way to attract more comments. These are all excellent ways to encourage readers to leave comments on your blog.

Open-ended questions prompt more comments on your blog

Open-ended questions are an effective way to gain more insights from your readers. They can reveal insights into issues that you may have missed. They also encourage people to think about how to improve a brand. This is especially useful if you are trying to troubleshoot a problem or are looking for new ways to engage with your audience.

People tend to give more detailed answers when they answer open-ended questions. They are more likely to share their thoughts, fears, and motivations. Asking them to elaborate on their thoughts can reveal surprising mental models, problem-solving strategies, and hopes and fears. In contrast, closed-ended questions force people to give a short, one-word answer.

Hosting a contest

If you want to get more comments on your blog, consider hosting a contest. A contest is a competition between several people, and is usually a good idea if you're launching a new product or announcing an event on your blog. It allows you to reward the best commentators and get more exposure for your blog.

Contests are great ways to increase social media awareness, and they can lead to increased sales and new customers. Many contest platforms feature a “share” button, which encourages participants to spread the word. In the case of Leneys apparel, a contest launched on Facebook helped them get more exposure than they ever had before. Their page had fewer than 500 fans at the time.

Being everywhere

The first step in getting comments on your blog is to be visible. Blog commenting is an art. It involves engaging with readers and establishing rapport. Providing freebies or incentives to subscribe to your blog can make it more attractive to readers. More comments can also boost your blog's traffic and revenue.

Writing headlines that make a promise to the reader

The key to writing headlines that get clicks and comments is to make the reader feel something. If you're writing about something that you want people to change, you'll need to say something that will compel them to click. Usually, this means using emotion.

The most effective headlines make a promise to the reader. The headline should tell them exactly what they'll benefit from reading your article. The promise should be specific, and it should also address the question the reader has. Imagining yourself in the reader's shoes will help you make a more effective headline.

Using a comment system

Comment systems are an important part of blogging. Most blog posts and articles contain some form of commenting system, and comments can be an effective way to solicit user-generated content (UGC). Because comments are so powerful, it's essential to choose the right one for your blog, so that readers feel empowered and engaged.

One of the main advantages of running your own comment system is that you're in control. Unlike third-party commenting systems, your comments will not be lost if you switch commenting systems. Using a native comment system also means that formatting isn't affected, and it is mobile-friendly.


Damon Nelson
Damon Nelson

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