How to Get Your Article Featured on Google News Website

How to get your article featured on Google News websites? You can publish your article on more than 400 websites, including major media and Google news websites. You can also target your articles to specific regions. Once your article has been published, you'll receive a detailed report of all the links it's received. This will make it easy to track how well your article is performing.


  • You can publish your article on over 400 websites, target specific regions, and track its performance through a detailed report of all the links it receives.
  • Adhering to image guidelines, including correct tagging, will increase the odds of their inclusion in featured search results, graphs, and Google News.
  • To get your articles published on Google News, ensure they have attractive headlines with numbers, avoid using your own name, publication name, or date, and categorize them clearly with a two to 22-word title tag. Additionally, use internal linking via anchor text and avoid using images as links.

Images should be available in standard file extensions

Featured search results, graphs, and Google News do not automatically include images. However, adhering to the guidelines will increase the odds of your images is included. The first step is to ensure your images are correctly tagged. This will ensure the highest compatibility between web browsers and your content.

Articles should be well linked internally

Internal linking is essential for websites. Not only does it increase the ranking of your content, but it also drives internal referral traffic. When you link articles together, Google will see them as related and reward you for your efforts. There are several ways you can do this.

Internal linking should be done via anchor text. Avoid using images as links. If you must use images, use alt tags that describe the image for a blind person.

Articles should be well categorized

When publishing articles on Google news websites, it is crucial to ensure that the content is categorized. The article's title is important because Google News relies heavily on this to determine its ranking. The headline should be two to 22 words long, and it should not contain leading numbers or other deceptive content. Google will also look for articles that have an authority figure or author byline, as this will give the website credibility.

The title tag should describe the topic of the article. You should avoid using your name, publication name, or date in the title.

Articles should have attractive headlines

Headlines are an important part of your article. Choosing a headline that entices your audience is crucial if you want your article to get the readers' attention. Studies show that headlines containing numbers are more interesting to read and generate higher social shares and engagement. According to Debra Jason, the author of “Have an Awful Headline?”, people are prone to click on headlines containing odd numbers. A study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that headlines containing the number seven increased click-through rates by 20 percent.

You must focus on writing attractive headlines to get your articles published on Google News. The site resembles a newsstand, so your headlines should catch readers' attention. The headline should be so appealing that readers will click on it. Also, use SEO techniques, especially keywords, to ensure your articles rank well on Google news.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How To

How to monetize your blog and make money from it

Blogs are a great way to share your thoughts and ideas. But how can you turn your blog into a profitable business?

The answer is simple, create a product or service that solves a problem for someone. Then find ways to monetize that product or service.

You might even consider setting up a membership site to charge monthly fees for accessing exclusive content. You could also consider setting up a consulting business where you solve clients' problems and make commissions on the value that you add.

Whatever you choose to do, once you have created a product/service that people love, you can generate income.

There's more to blogging than just making money. A strategy for driving traffic to your blog is essential if you want great posts.

There are many ways to share your content, but sharing it across multiple platforms is the best strategy. For example, you might share your latest articles via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

These articles could also be included in any email newsletters sent to subscribers. This allows you to reach a wider audience and increases the chance they will click through and read your article.

Another option is to host guest posting campaigns for related websites or blogs. These sites will allow you to increase your visibility and attract new visitors by posting relevant content.

You could promote your blog through these networks if you have many Instagram and other social media followers. Influencers can be paid to share your content.

Paid advertising could be a possibility if you are an excellent public speaker. Many companies offer online services to promote specific products and services.

Once you've determined the revenue you need, you can consider which business structure is best for you.

For example, you'll need to register as a retailer to sell physical goods. If you intend to sell digital downloads, you must register as an online retailer.

You don't have to register a business structure to write about what interests you.

Instead, you can operate under the umbrella of your brand. It means you can use your logo and name whenever possible. This will allow you to choose the types of projects that you want to take on.

There shouldn't be any obstacles as long you have clarity about your goal.

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