There are several news aggregators to choose from. If you want to find out more about a particular topic, you can use Google News. You can rate stories, add favorites, and save searches. Google News also lets you save subcategories, recommendations, and relevant articles. The website offers many options, including RSS feeds and customizable themes. You can read news stories from multiple sources or customize your newsfeed.


  • Google News lets users rate stories, add favorites, and save searches, and it offers many options, such as RSS feeds and customizable themes.
  • Feedly is a mobile-optimized news aggregator that allows users to follow more than 100 sources, create three personal feeds, watch videos and read full-text articles.
  • Flipboard enables users to create magazines, embed relevant media, and select their favorite publications and categories. It combines the editorial process with machine learning to deliver a personalized experience. SmartNews provides an easy-to-navigate design, offers two tabs for the original web page and a toned-down version, and lets users download stories offline.


One of the most popular news aggregators on the internet, Feedly makes it easy to collect and organize articles from various sources. With over 40 million sources and 100 million articles processed daily, Feedly provides an intuitive way to organize your content. Feedly is mobile-optimized and compatible with both iOS and Android tablets. It syncs with your desktop and mobile devices and features an easy-to-use search feature.

There are several types of feed aggregators. Some merely gather feeds from various news sources. Others collect these feeds and display them in a centralized area. Feedly has many advantages over other services. It's incredibly easy to customize and share your feeds with other users. Using Feedly is a breeze, and it's easy to see why so many people are switching to it.

Feedly combines news from all over the web and offers a free and paid service. It lets you follow more than 100 sources and create three personal feeds. The feed reader is available as a browser extension or mobile app. Feedly is another powerful news aggregator that also integrates with Google News. So, if you're looking for a powerful news aggregator for Android, Feedly is an excellent option.

Besides the customizable layout, Feedly offers a few essential features for modern users. It offers users the ability to watch videos and read full-text articles. It even enables users to share their information via social media platforms. So, it's a powerful tool for power users and casual readers alike. Just be sure to choose a free plan. When choosing a news aggregator, remember to look for the features that best suit your needs.


The Flipboard news aggregator has recently launched an update that puts you in control of the topics you want to read, which it describes as an “antidote to doom-scrolling.” It also lets you customize the For You section to focus on interesting topics. It lets you choose which news sources you want to read more of and which you don't. While it might not be the best news aggregator on the market, it's an interesting experiment in personalized news consumption.

In addition to offering various content, Flipboard is the only news aggregator that lets you create your magazines. You can create your magazine and embed relevant media. Flipboard makes staying up-to-date on the latest news and other information easy without reading hundreds of news sources. Its interface feels natural, and you can create different magazine sections depending on your interests. It also has a feature to warn you if a news article is behind a paywall.

For the most part, you can customize the layout of your Flipboard. You can select your favorite publications, and choose the categories and the language of the articles. You can also specify topics like sports, science, technology, travel, and even Apple news. Then, you can save the topics that interest you, and it will continually update your newsfeed with related content. Just make sure to download the latest version of the Flipboard app. It is available for free in the App Store.

Flipboard combines the editorial process with machine learning to deliver a personalized experience. Its goal is to make content curators – people who love to read – more accessible. It aims to help users discover and follow content across different platforms. In doing so, it elevates trusted content and enables users to access diverse content. And, unlike other news aggregators, Flipboard doesn't share user information with third parties.

Smart News

If you're tired of reading the same old news articles, you can download the SmartNews app, which is free. You can also get notifications about new stories. But you can turn off these notifications if you find them annoying. You can also browse the Top News section to read stories from major news organizations. Unfortunately, the app doesn't yet support every major news outlet. However, SmartNews Inc. is talking with more publishers to bring this feature to news apps.

SmartNews's design is easy to navigate. It features an app interface with two tabs, the original web page, and a toned-down version. You can also share stories with your social networks or save them as notes in Evernote. To access more information, open SmartNews in your default browser app and click on the channel of interest. After that, you can read more stories and articles without leaving the app.

As the leading news aggregator in Japan, SmartNews helps mobile users discover new stories. Its news discovery algorithm also includes stories with interesting cultural or global topics. The platform is rapidly becoming the best news aggregator for many mobile users. The industry is growing rapidly and exploring new ways to package news content. In a recent report, Reuters Digital News found that 55% of respondents preferred using an aggregator to reading news. Using social media to access news has decreased by six points, but aggregators and notifications are up eleven percent.

Another important feature of SmartNews is that it lets you download stories offline. This is useful for reading regional news when you're on the go. Its minimalist design and skimmable headlines make it easy to read. And despite its lack of personalization, SmartNews also allows users to read news stories without an Internet connection. It also allows users to save stories for offline reading, which is a great feature if you don't always have access to the internet.

AP News

AP is an ad-free cooperative owned by about 1,500 member newspapers. AP posts member-written stories on state newswires, credits the originating paper for exclusives, and licenses them to commercial customers. The AP's mobile news app combines a user-friendly UX with factual reporting to give you a unique and personalized experience. You'll want to sign up for the service today because you can't go wrong with it.

Although AP is a member-based organization, its model differs from its European and U.S. competitors. Because the news landscape in each region differs, news aggregators must be sensitive to legal influences from countries outside the U.S. That's difficult to do in a U.S. context since AP's ownership is not comparable to that of a big U.S. tech company.

While U.S. news publishers typically do not pursue litigation against news aggregators, some have settled out of court through contractual arrangements. The Associated Press and Google reached an impasse in 2009-2010 when the news publishers stopped using Google's site. In August 2010, Google no longer hosted AP news content. It is still unclear whether the legal issues will ever be resolved, but it seems that AP's news content is being used as a free resource by Google, which explains the reluctance of U.S. news publishers to use news aggregators.

AP News is an excellent news aggregator for Android. It sources news from hundreds of sources, including itself. Its UI is clean and serviceable, and its selection of topics is quite broad. AP News is not the best news aggregator for politics, but it covers many other topics. It's free, but ads are intrusive. If you want to avoid irritating ads, opt for another news aggregator.

Yahoo News Digest

The Yahoo News Digest app currently supports the iPhone but may soon be available for Android and tablets. It will also be available in the United States for the time being. Currently, the app is free, but you can expect it to be monetized in the future. You can visit the official website if you want to download it for free on your phone. Yahoo is currently a member of the Reuters News Service, but its global news coverage is vast.

The Yahoo News app summarizes news and includes pictures. Its staff members choose and rewrite stories, but the news is not entirely free. The sources are clearly labeled, though you can use paid services like Reuters. It also includes video, Wikipedia information, and Twitter updates. However, if you're more interested in the news, you're better off using one of the other apps, such as Flipboard or Google Newsstand.

Yahoo News Digest's new design follows the style of Flipboard, an early leader in news aggregation. It uses algorithmic summaries to present relevant news articles. While Summly may lack the human editorial input of Flipboard, it uses a similar technology. The app is now available for iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches. In addition, Yahoo News Digest is now available for Android and iOS devices.

Besides being a top news aggregator, Curiosity is a great app to develop your curiosity. Its innovative design and rich media make reading content more engaging than ever. Curiosity is not a news aggregator. Instead, it offers interesting stories and puzzles on various topics. You can read the news or play games while you're reading. You can even find useful information on your phone's home screen!

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