An RSS aggregator is a program that aggregates syndicated web content. This includes news sources such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and videos. The software allows you to easily access a wide variety of information and keep updated with current events. Depending on your preferences, you can use different news aggregators to follow your favorite topics.

FEEDZY RSS Aggregator

One of the best tools for creating a news and content website is a news aggregator. A news feed is an excellent way to keep readers informed and engaged, and can also improve your SEO ranking. Feedzy is a powerful RSS aggregator that will allow you to aggregate unlimited RSS feeds. It can also post the best material automatically, which can help you with your content marketing strategy, SEO, and audience engagement.

Feedzy also allows you to group your feed sources into categories. To do this, go to your Feedzy dashboard and click on Feed Categories. Then, select the feeds that you want to group. Once you've added feeds, you can use the comma to separate them.


Selfoss is a multi-purpose RSS reader and aggregation software that allows users to live stream their feeds and organize their content. Its features include color-coded custom tags, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to mark articles as read. It is also mobile-friendly and allows users to view social networking content.

Selfoss is free to use with up to a hundred feeds, and can be hosted on your own servers. The open source RSS aggregator is completely customizable, and it supports live streaming. It also supports fulltext RSS scraping.


The G2Reader aggregator RSS reader is a lightweight RSS reader with a dual-column UI. The left column displays regular sub-sections, while the right shows stories from feeds. It is similar to Feedly, but has a different user interface. Feed stories are displayed in individual boxes, complete with quick sharing buttons.

Like Google Reader, G2Reader is a free RSS reader. You can use it to read blogs, news, magazines, and more. It also supports OPML uploads. It's part of the Communications category and was developed by MR-Software. Users have rated G2Reader as 3.0 out of 5 stars.


RSSOwl is a simple RSS aggregator that lets you search for and organize feeds. You can save searches, group feeds by attributes, and apply labels to your feeds. It also features an embedded web browser, which lets you read full-text content from feeds. It supports both DIGEST and BASIC authentication schemes, and saves usernames and passwords for protected feeds.

RSSOwl is compatible with Linux and Mac computers. It also supports offline reading. Its interface is clean and user-friendly. The main dashboard displays posts in reverse chronological order. You can also mark posts for follow-up or write a blog entry using a feed. The feeds are scanned every 20 minutes, but you can set a custom timeframe to check for new posts.

RSSOwl is a free rss aggregator

RSSOwl is a Java-based news aggregator that uses the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. This allows it to be cross-platform and compatible with different operating systems. It also uses SWT for widget tools. This enables it to conform to the look of different platforms.

RSSOwl's user interface is very similar to that of popular desktop email clients. It offers a wide variety of features, including powerful filtering, customizable notifications, and bins for organizing feeds. Additionally, RSSOwl lets you save unread feeds in HTML format.

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