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Using an RSS reader is one of the most convenient ways to stay on top of the latest news, and Feedly can help you do just that. It gives you access to your favorite sources, but it also lets you bookmark and saves articles and stories for later. Feedly has several useful features, such as filtering and story highlight, so you can only see the stories you want to read. This can help you read more and spend less time searching through a cluttered feed.


In a recent survey, more than half of the users of Feedly said it is the best RSS reader on the market. Their top reasons included ease of use, customizable interface, and helpful collection tools. There is also a pro version available for $5.91 a month, which adds more customization options, lets you follow unlimited sources, and allows you to customize the way you view your feeds. Premium users can also take advantage of advanced search and tracking features.

Feedly is free for both Android and iOS. The free plan lets you subscribe to up to 100 sources, view YouTube videos, and save search queries. Feedly allows users to create custom feed URLs. Premium features include gesture-based navigation, offline access, and iCloud syncing. With Feedly, reading is an experience. Whether you're reading a blog post, news article, or video, you can find and share it anywhere.

The most common features of an RSS reader include its ease of use, intuitive interface, and integration with popular web apps. Feedly is the best RSS reader for most users, but the premium version unlocks more features and integrates with Evernote and Dropbox. Inoreader is another popular and feature-rich RSS reader. It offers four UI themes and four view modes and integration with other websites.

Feedly is an award-winning RSS reader for both Android and iOS. It allows users to curate content and share it across social media. It has more than 40 million feeds and is easy to use on your mobile device. Feedly also integrates with social media, which means you can follow your favorite bloggers and content creators. If you're looking for an RSS reader to help you organize your favorite articles, Feedly is the one to try.

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If you're looking for an RSS reader with lots of features, Feedbro maybe your best option. This app automatically detects RSS, Atom, and RDF feeds. With just two clicks, you can subscribe to your favorite feeds. It even shows you which articles are unread or have older posts. The interface is attractive and convenient, so Feedbro is a great tool for bloggers, website owners, and other web users.

The most basic version of Feedbro costs $3.59 a month and supports multiple devices. Feedly is also easy to install and integrates with various social media platforms. However, Feedbro lacks some important features, such as customization, offline reading, and content sharing to social media. Users can organize feeds into folders. Feedly has an exclusive reading mode that allows you to read articles in a simplified form, while Feedbro shows the original content.

A popular Google search for “best RSS reader” returned 6,570,000 pages. A quick comparison revealed that Feedbro had a narrow edge over Feedly in the popular list. Both Feedly and Inoreader allow subscribers to subscribe to 150 sources, while Feedbro allows only 100. Feedbro is similar to Inoreader in many ways, but it is compact and easier to navigate. It even includes a podcast player and can follow podcasts.

Feedly is one of the most popular RSS readers on the market. It's free and can be installed as a browser bookmarklet. It's available for all the popular browsers, and it also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Feedly is compatible with social networks and also offers integrated search tools. Despite its many features, Feedly lacks OPML support. And it's a bit confusing to switch between these two.


There are several RSS readers available in the market. If you want to subscribe to many sources, Feedreader is the best choice for you. Its advanced features include a variety of filters, a maximum feed capacity, and different viewing modes. It keeps track of multiple sources and bundles their content into easy-to-read groups. Feedreader is free and available for both Windows and Linux.

You can also use Feedly, an online RSS reader with a clutter-free interface. Its Add Content feature is another unique feature. Feedly offers a free version with limited features, but a subscription costs only $5/month. Feedly has integration with Evernote and Dropbox. Another feature you can find in Feedly is a podcast player. Feedly is the best RSS reader for video.

Feedreader integrates with Firefox and has extensions to add feeds directly from your browser. Its interface may remind you of an older version of Outlook. Omea Pro, on the other hand, offers more features and is similar to Outlook. RSSOwl is another RSS reader that uses an Outlook-style interface. It features powerful search features and separate feeds. However, it lacks the flair of Feedreader.

Using Feedly is an excellent option for anyone who doesn't want to use a subscription service. It also supports podcasts and Atom feeds. Furthermore, if you are an avid user of social media, Feedly is worth checking out. There are also several free RSS readers available. The Digg Reader is one of them, and it allows users to save their favorites in folders. Apart from being free, it has a dedicated desktop search function.

best rss feed reader is RSSMasher
Here is the best RSS feed reader – RSSMasher


If you're looking for an RSS reader that is both easy to use and provides an attractive interface, Feeder might be the one for you. This reader offers a free and paid version and comes with add-ons for popular browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. It is a popular choice among people who prefer reading headlines instead of full articles. Feeder also has a dedicated iOS app and a responsive web version for Android and Windows Phones.

Feedly has two plans: a free version and a paid one. Feedly offers a robust list of features, including subscribing to up to 150 feeds. It also allows you to search within subscriptions, and it caches content for a limited time. Feedly offers several plans with varying pricing. The free plan lets you subscribe to up to 100 feeds, while the pro plan costs $5 per month.

FeedReader is similar to other RSS reader apps, but it complements modern Linux distributions. FeedReader lets you subscribe to websites, and posts appear in reverse chronological order. You can set up rules to receive specific articles at a later time. Its paid plan allows you to read articles without interruptions. G2 Reader is another prominent RSS feed app. It claims to be a replacement for Google Reader. It offers both a mobile app and a Chrome extension.

Another good option is Omea Reader, which works with Windows 10. It's fast and syncing between devices, which is great for those of us who use multiple computers. It also provides offline reading options. It collects RSS, ATOM, bookmarked pages, and newsgroups and organizes them for you. It supports podcasts and has four themes to suit your preferences. A feature that you might want to consider with this app is YouTube sync.


If you're looking for the best RSS reader app, FocusReader is a great choice. It's free to download and regularly updated, and combines several different RSS providers into one. It also features podcasts and reading mode, which makes it easier to keep up with multiple sources of information. It also has a dark mode, as well as numerous feed views and syncing options. It's a great choice for anyone who wants to read their RSS feeds and stay connected to the world.

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